From sporting a kiwi top to donning the blue beaded hair; Urfi Javed’s most controversial ensembles of all time | Last updated on – March 25, 2023 3:56 PM IST

From wearing a kiwi top to donning blue pearl hair; Urfi Javed’s most controversial ensembles of all time

Social media sensation and reality show star Urfi Javed recently made headlines for donning a kiwi fruit top. Urfi is known for donning outfits of anything and everything. She hasn’t failed to surprise netizens with her unique and bold clothing choices. Some of her most controversial looks include the garbage bag dress, a glass dress, cotton candy, safety pins and more. Here’s a look at her most popular and daring looks:-

The kiwi top

The kiwi top worn by Urfi surprised many as it was very unexpected by netizens. She took to her social media and shocked everyone by donning a kiwi top. In the video, she could be seen enjoying the fruit and showing off her new, unique outfit. She was once again trolled by netizens for her bold and bizarre style choices.


The white and black waitress clothes

The social media sensation wore an all white and black waitress look. However, the mirror behind her revealed the uniqueness of the look. Although the look appeared chic and cool up front, the mirror showed off Urfi’s cheeky bikini look. Urfi’s look made headlines with many trolling her for her “revealing” outfit

The Garbage Bag Dress

Urfi gained wide popularity through her Bigg Boss OTT journey. On the reality show, she was spotted donning an outfit made out of garbage bags. The actress recently recreated the look in the best possible way. She showed off her fit and toned physique in the look.

The Glass Dress

Urfi took the risk and wore a daring outfit of glasses. The Bigg Boss OTT contestant posted a video on social media revealing the dress weighs 20kg and even bruised her. As she shared the video, she said: “Yes I was wearing a dress made out of broken glass!! I think that looked fabulous! People call me weird, crazy, but guess what we’re all crazy and weird, I’m just smart enough to embrace it and let it empower me!”

Cotton Candy Outfit

Another outfit the actress made from a grocery store was this cotton candy dress. This cotton candy outfit raised many eyebrows as the social media sensation revealed her “skin too much.” She was brutally trolled by netizens for this outfit. However, she remained undisturbed and continued to dress in bold and beautiful clothes.

The safety pin dress

Urfi loves to experiment with her outfits and this one hit the spot. She and her team made a dress made entirely out of safety pins. She donned the outfit and impressed her fans. The look drew mixed reactions from fans.


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