GCW Planet Death Japan (9/26/22)

From 26.09. Game changer wrestling starts his latest tour of Japan. This is not the first time GCW has gone international; Earlier this month, the promotion took the UK by storm with two separate events. In fact, this isn’t even the first time this promotion has gone to Japan since it happened worst behavior in 2019. GCW will start its time in Tokyo with Planet Death Japan, the continuation of a series of events celebrating deathmatch wrestling. This is evident from a single look at the planned card, which is highlighted by an Ultraviolent Championship defense from one of Japan’s most popular freelance wrestlers. This event will feature not only deathmatch offerings from GCW, but also wrestlers from The Land of the Rising Sun who embody the style. Without further delay, dive deeper into the action that awaits you when GCW presents planet death in Shin-Kiba 1st RING.

GCW Planet Death Japan – Full Map

  • Scramble Match: Jimmy Lloyd vs Kikutaro vs Jordan Oliver vs Nick Wayne vs Joey Janela vs Toshiyuki Sakuda
  • Violento Jack vs. Cole Radrick
  • Masashi Takeda vs. John Wayne Murdoch
  • Alex Colon vs. Drew Parker vs. Toru Suguira
  • Takashi Sasaki and Daisuke Masaoka against SHLAK and EFFY
  • GCW Ultraviolent Championship: Rina Yamashita (c) vs. Mance Warner

Represents Pro Wrestling FREEDOMS

As already mentioned, planet death is considered an event celebrating deathmatch wrestling. While every match scheduled for that night counts, this particular tag team competition deserves special attention. Represent Pro Wrestling FREEDOMS will be Takashi Sasaki and Daisuke Masaoka how they compete against GCW representatives SCHLAK and EFFIE. That’s not to say that Sasaki and Masaoka are the only FREEDOMS competitors they’re featured on planet death; must not be overlooked Toru Sugiura, for example, who has been performing for GCW since 2020. However, Sasaki and Masaoka have teamed up and competed against each other numerous times since the late 2000s, fighting in all sorts of fights, from battle royals to lighttube deathmatches. Simply put, these men are no strangers to one another.

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This level of experience should prove useful GCW Planet Death Japan, while battling the unlikely duo of SHLAK and EFFY. On paper, the two couldn’t be more different. While SHLAK is a grizzly brawler, EFFY tends towards the more carefree side of professional wrestling. SHLAK is nothing short of a powerhouse, capable of absorbing tons of damage and dishing it out in kind. On the other hand, despite his behavior mentioned above, EFFY has proven to be a capable deathmatch competitor, using his darker side to take on the most dangerous opponents. Check out this game planet death.

Rina Yamashita defends the GCW Ultraviolent Championship

In the featured game by GCW Planet Death Japan, Rina Yamashita will defend her Ultraviolent Championship for the second time. “The Deathmatch Amazon” has had a successful title defense in Night 2 of GCW Homecoming weekendwhere she herself defeated a deathmatch enthusiast, Sawyer wreck. Yamashita lives up to her nickname and isn’t afraid to push things to the extreme to claim a win or keep gold. Additionally, her credentials speak for themselves as she was a champion in PURE-J, Pro wrestling WAVE, SEADLINNNG, and a number of other international promotions. at planet deathYamashita takes on an experienced slugger aiming for gold Mance Warner.

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“Ol’ Mancer” is also no stranger to success in wrestling, deathmatch or otherwise. He is a former GCW Tag Team Champion alongside Fellow Crew in second gear Member Matthew justice. He has also held world titles in gold IWA Middle-South and Battle Zone Wrestlingnot to mention victorious in the Nick Gage Invitational 5 Tournament that took place in 2020. Warner’s aim is to hit the proverbial salary window, and to do so he must overcome a major challenge in the form of Yamashita. It has been well over a year since Warner has held gold in singles; at planet deathhe will intend to turn the tide in his favor, even at the cost of his opponent’s title dominance.

GCW Planet Death Japan takes place in Tokyo, Japan on September 26, 2022.

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