GCW War Ready Japan (10/4/22)

Game changer wrestling has completed his last tour of Japan and will end on October 4th GCW war ready. Just like last time planet death and Already dead upon arrival events, GCW promises to bring together both its stalwart artists and a cast of notable fighters from The Land of the Rising Sun. This is evident from the games planned for this upcoming map, including two major title defenses. Fans from the States may not be able to attend this event, which is scheduled to take place in Tokyo, although it can be viewed courtesy of FITE. Without further delay, here’s a closer look at the map to ensure GCW leaves Japan with a bang.

GCW War Ready Japan – Full Map

  • Jordan Oliver and Nick Wayne versus Drew Parker and Jimmy Lloyd
  • Kikutaro vs. EFFY
  • Yuko Miyamoto and Daisuke Sasaki versus Cole Radrick and Toru Sugiura
  • DDT Extreme Championship: Joey Janela (c) vs. Toshiyuki Sakuda
  • GCW Ultraviolent Championship: Rina Yamashita (c) vs. SHLAK
  • GCW Tag Team Championship: The Mega Bastards (Alex Colon and John Wayne Murdoch) vs. Masashi Takeda and Jun Kasai

Joey Janela defends the DDT Extreme title

Considered one of the most well known wrestlers not only in game changer wrestling but in independent wrestling in general. Joey Janela will defend the DDT Extreme Championship GCW War Ready Japan. Janela captured that special title on August 14, beating Akito at a DDT Pro wrestling Event. That’s not to say “The Bad Boy” has relegated himself to DDT or Japan, as he defended the Extreme title in the US last month. His last title defense will take place on war ready and it seems that he is prepared for anything. Given Janela’s mindset, which seems bent on winning at all costs, this should come as little surprise. However, it is his opponent who could make the task of leaving Tokyo with the DDT Extreme Championship a tall order.

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Standing at 5’1”, Toshiyuki Sakuda has adopted the nickname “The Smallest Deathmatch Wrestler Alive”. After training under the umbrella of Big Japan Pro Wrestling, Sakuda made his professional debut in the summer of 2014, bringing deathmatch and technical wrestling together in a unique package. In BJW, Sakuda is a former 8-time 6-man Yokohama Shopping Street Tag Team Champion who won the gold alongside him 3rd generation Chimidoro brothers. However, as of this writing, he has yet to win gold in singles. On October 14th, this deathmatch fighter will bring his A-Game when he challenges Joey Janela for the DDT Extreme Championship. Between Janela’s unpredictability and Sakuda’s deathmatch penchant, this is perhaps the most unique match on the map.

A tag team title defense with deathmatch consequences

Also hired to be defended War-ready Japan is the GCW Tag Team Championship currently hosted by The mega bastards, Alex Colon and John Wayne Murdoch. These rivals-turned-ally seem to have found common ground in violence, inflicting pain on others with light tubes, panes of glass, and anything else at their disposal. As a result, Colon and Murdoch became an effective tag team, winning the GCW Tag Team Titles last month The Art of War in one hell of a War Games competition. The Mega Bastards have been successful independently whether Colon’s 3 GCW Ultraviolent Championship reigns and Tournament of Survival Wins or Murdoch’s ample success as the defending tag team champion with numerous promotions. at war readythe Mega Bastards put the GCW Tag Team Championship on the line against other deathmatch specialists Masashi Takeda and Jun Kasai.

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Longtime GCW fans will be familiar with Masashi Takeda, as “The Crazy Kid” made an appearance for the promotion back in 2019. However, it was last year when he experienced his first major promotion-related success, winning the GCW Ultraviolent Championship Drew Parker at a BJW event in October. The following month, Takeda took a big gamble by defending the title throughout the year Nick Gage Invitational 6 tournament and eventually lost the title to Colon in the final. Meanwhile, “The Charisma of Deathmatch” Kasai boasts major accolades across the deathmatch scene, including the CZW Tag Team Championship and the 5 Kings of the FREEDOM World Championship. Much like The Mega Bastards, Takeda and Kasai are heated rivals-turned-partners, the latter being the case for them at least war ready. Can they be the ones to end the reign of the GCW Tag Team Champions before it can really begin?

GCW War Ready Japan takes place in Tokyo, Japan on October 4, 2022.

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