Genshin Impact: How To Increase Clearance

release on Genshin Impact is a mechanic that prevents players from exploring the desert area without following it Genshin Impact world search. This device behaves similarly to the Aranyaka, where players can check it out from time to time and follow its guide to complete the tasks in the desert. To get the Scarlet Stone Slate, people need to complete the missions of the Golden Slumber quest. Finally, the researcher Tirzad will ask the protagonist to hold it.

At the end of the Golden Sleep, the researcher entrusts the main character with keeping the slate. Later, another Sumerian scholar will visit the village of Aaru, inspired by the Papers of Tirzad. He asks Travelers for help with his research, but is soon stopped by an old man named Soheil. Soheil accuses both Tirzad and the protagonist of cheating, an insult that Paimon cannot accept. To prove Soheil wrong, Paimon asks the main character to continue exploring the desert ruins Genshin Impact. On the journey people will encounter many remnants of the olden days and gain some clearance in the process. At the end of the quest, travelers will reach a place called aaru.


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How to increase clearance at Genshin Impact

To increase the scope Genshin Impactplayers must progress through the Golden Slumber and double evidence Tasks. Here’s a full breakdown of each release.

First release

The first release in Genshin Impact is granted after going to the top floor of King Deshret’s Mausoleum (after opening the coffin) in a subquest called Golden Slumber The Mystery of Al-Ahmar.

Second release

For the second release, exit the Golden Slumber Find and start the double evidence the next day. Follow the stone tablet’s instructions to gain full clearance in Duat Hall.

Third release

Still in double proof Genshin Impact Quest, complete the Place of the rebirth process to get the third release.

Fourth release

Finally, for the fourth and final release, finish the location of the breath sample the double proof quest.

Release of Khaj-Nisut

There are also some special clearances that players can obtain. The release of Khaj-Nisut is granted when travelers examine the room located deep within (after going deeper into the ruins). The Mystery of Al-Ahmar side quest.

ferryman release

Meanwhile, when players start the Two Proofs questline, the Ferryman’s release will be added automatically after speaking to Soheil.

If listed step-by-step, here is a sequence of how clearance can be obtained:

  • First release: Golden Sleep: The Mystery of Al-Ahmar
  • Release of Khaj-Nisut: Golden Sleep: The Mystery of Al-Ahmar
  • ferryman release: At the beginning of Dual Evidence
  • Second release: Duplicate Evidence: Duat Hall
  • Third release: Duplicate Evidence: Location of the Rebirth Trial
  • Fourth release: Duplicate evidence: location of the breath test

Genshin Impact is now available on mobile, PC, PS4 and PS5. A Switch version is in development.

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