Girles Presale Passes $1.2 Million Raised

The thunderous pre-sale of the Girles token raised more than $1.2 million and the developers said what to expect from the token in the near future.

girl project

Girl’s token is a decentralized NFT GameFi token built on the Ethereum platform, which also features a Proof-of-Staking protocol.

That Girl’s token is the main product in the Girl’s Metaversewhich is used in over 15 different products. Girl’s token was tested before it was released on the main Ethereum network and also after it was reviewed by Cyberscope.

Girl’s token takes security seriously and has added all modern security features like Non-Mintable, Anti-Whale, Blacklist feature, Fee Limit, No Ownership Transfer feature, Auto-Liquidity, Auto-Burning, Non-Stoppable.

NFT Metaverse

Girl's NFT

NFT is a non-fungible cryptographic token, each instance of which is unique. Many users are skeptical of NFTs, calling them “just images”. That Girl’s Metaverse Community proved otherwise, here NFT is a separate product that has dozens of features for users that can also be used in the games we are used to, now NFT can be separate game items/lands. Girl’s Metaverse offers users the opportunity to mint NFTs, collect their collections, and buy and sell NFTs on the NFT Market.

Users also have the option to stake their NFTs, meaning that by staking their NFTs, users earn Girls token, which can later be exchanged for Fiat. NFTs sent for staking as well as tokens can be withdrawn if necessary. The NFT Metaverse does not end here, users also have access to NFT Burning products where investors can burn NFTs on the Ethereum platform, increase their value and receive special rewards and the NFT box.

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At the moment, Girl’s Metaverse is actively developing NFT Tokenomics, which provides users with more ways to earn NFT mining.

What to expect from Girles Token?

Roadmap for girls

The developers of Girl’s token told us what to expect Girl’s token shortly. Exchanges currently being considered for listing the token include Binance, OKex, LBank, and others. Don’t pay too much attention to the listing because right now it is Girl’s Metaverse The community is actively developing a P2E Minecraft server and completing quests that give investors real money on a play-to-earn basis.

According to the expert, this innovation will have a positive impact on the development of the community and will bring a large number of new investors. Minecraft is one of the best selling games in the world and the introduction of cryptocurrency will greatly increase the crypto community! Also very soon that Girl’s Metaverse The community begins developing new products for the NFT Metaverse!

About tokenomics

Girl's Tokenomics

That Girl’s Metaverse The community is responsible for the development of their products, so the development of Tokenomics took a whole day. Tokenomics is the most fundamental aspect of developing a token, it is important to consider all possible cases. In order to do this, Girl’s Metaverse has expended a lot of effort to create a strong product. 30.1% of the total number of tokens will be used in the presale, and the liquidity will be 21.07%, which includes the liquidity allocated to centralized exchanges (e.g. Binance).

For token and NFT staking pools, 19.2% and 10.3% are used, respectively. 6.33% of the tokens are used to create the infrastructure of games with the “play-to-earn” principle. The remaining 13% is used in the vesting contract, with 5% used for future pools and 8% allocated to developers.

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Girl’s token roadmap

Girls token NFTs

That Girl’s Metaverse community has planned 5 development phases that will be added in the future. The developers plan to update the site in the next stages of the roadmap, develop a P2E game or a free-to-play server, launch several new products, list the token on a large number of exchanges and Start collaborations with other Metaverse projects.

Additionally, NFT Minting will soon be available to investors whose tokenomics are currently being actively developed!

Team Girls Metaverse

Girls token team

That Girl’s Metaverse The team consists of 4 professionals, but 8 different people were involved in the development of the website before the presale. That Girl’s Metaverse Team passed KYC, which guarantees the legality of the project. The main members of the team have published their pages on LinkedIn, which investors can also see on the official website.

Each team member has their own role, the founder of the project is responsible for the main communication with the community and brings new developments to the project. The project developer in turn develops a website and contracts that are pre-tested and audited.

How much profit can Presale Girls Token bring?

Girls token distribution

That Girl’s token The presale appeared at the end of September this year and is already attracting new investors. That Girl’s token The pre-sale will consist of a total of 5 stages, each of which will increase the price of the token. When choosing a presale, it is important to select strong projects with great potential, one of which is Girl’s token.

For investments in the early stages of the pre-sale, investors can earn up to 207.05% profit. Don’t forget that over 15 products are being developed, which means the token has a bright future in the long run. According to experts, since this token is not an ordinary meme coin, the price of the token will increase even after it is listed on the exchanges.

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How do I buy Girl’s Token?

Girl's token

Invest in Girl’s token is a good idea, because behind the pre-sale there is a strong team with a return potential of up to 207.05%, which surprised even the experts. Buy Girls tokenjust go to the official website and connect your crypto wallet using the “connect wallet” button.

After successfully connecting the wallet, use the “Buy GIRLES Now” button on the presale page and choose the desired token, ETH or USDT. Make sure you have enough tokens in your balance and make a transaction! Finished!

See also our guide to buying Ethereum.

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