Global Health Intelligence Announces the 2022 Best-Equipped

MIAMI, Aug. 15, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Global Health Intelligence (GHI), the leading provider of health data analytics in Latin America, has just released the 2022 HospiRank, its ranking of the best equipped hospitals in Latin America.

Based on a quantitative analysis of data from more than 19,000 Latin American hospitals in GHI’s database, HospiRank ranks medical facilities according to eight specific categories, including best equipped to accommodate high-risk patients, best equipped to accommodate patients, highest number of basic surgical equipment best installed base for cancer treatment, best primary diagnostic equipment and more.

“While there are other rankings of Latin American hospitals, HospiRank is the only ranking that provides verified hard data on hospital infrastructure,” said Guillaume Corpart, CEO and Founder of Global Health Intelligence. “We include specific data related to operating rooms, beds and the number of critical capital goods that help hospitals differentiate themselves as leaders in their focus areas. We offer these as a resource for medical device and device manufacturers. HospiRank isn’t designed for patients, as medical device count is only part of what determines quality,” notes Corpart.

Beyond the ranking, which includes a total of more than 400 hospitals in the 6 included countries, HospiRank 2022 also has new features:

  • A data portrait of Latin American hospitals, including penetration rates of both basic and specialty equipment,
  • Data on infrastructure and hospitals in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru, among others
  • Interviews with the heads of the best equipped hospitals to gain insights into their acquisitions and future plans
  • A recently updated list of all hospitals in Latin America that have robotic surgery systems
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“Beyond concrete medical device market data for Latin America, HospiRank can also be useful for hospitals because it allows them to see how they compare to other hospitals in terms of equipment levels,” says Corpart.

The main report can be downloaded at Global Health Intelligence website. It includes the top 5 hospitals in each category for each country featured in HospiRank 2022. However, journalists can contact GHI directly for specific country reports with the top 10 hospitals in each category.


About Global Health Intelligence (GHI)
Global Health Intelligence created HospiScopethe world’s largest demographic hospital database with a focus on Latin America, as well as SurgiScope, the first surgical follow-up database in Latin America. The company updates and helps customers with more than 2 million hospital data points every year custom researchData on the medical devices market, competitive profiling for the healthcare industry in Latin America, marketing sizes, segmentation and price/cost analysis.

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