Gotham Knights: How to Turn Off Multiplayer | Solo Play Guide

Much of the marketing for Gotham Knights was based on its multiplayer elements. The game allows multiple players to take control of the Bat-Family, consisting of Red Hood, Batgirl, Nightwing, and Robin, to fight crime as a team. While it’s certainly a solid co-op game, not all players want to experience it with another person. Happily, Gotham Knights has options for solo play.

Although many co-op games can feel a little empty when played solo, Gotham Knights does a pretty good job of balancing the game for both solo and co-op players. If you want to play through the entire game on your own, follow the steps below and explore Gotham City without worrying about other players joining your crime-fighting adventure.

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game guide Gotham Knights solo

Gotham Knights‘ Solo options aren’t a priority, but they’re certainly in play. To play alone, you must access the “Privacy” menu, which is particularly different from the “Social” menu. To access this, load a game (one that’s past the prologue) and tap left on the D-Pad, or press “C” if you’re playing with keyboard controls. This will open a scrolling menu with three options: photo mode, select an emote, and privacy. Select “Privacy”.

The Privacy menu gives you four options that determine what type of multiplayer experience you’re looking for. The options are: Invited Players, Friends Only, Friends of Friends, or Public. You’ll find that there isn’t a “Solo” mode that’s exclusive to the player, but if you select “Invited Players,” the only people who have access to your game will be those you’ve personally invited . If you never invite anyone, play alone for as long as you like without anyone joining your game.

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If you want to keep your game open to people you may know, select “Friends Only” and your game will be banned to the general public, but you’ll be able to join via your friends list on the platform of your choice. It’s worth noting that there’s no penalty for playing alone, and you’ll experience the game just like those who would play it in multiplayer, you just have no one to turn to if you find yourself in a sticky situation devices.

The other way to play alone is to completely disconnect your console or PC from the internet. However, if you don’t want to go through the hassle of disconnecting and reconnecting every game session, using the method above should work just fine.

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