Government of Canada announces financial support for Taekwondo Canada

Investments will help the organization advance Taekwondo Canadahost international events and improve safe sports practices.

GATINEAUQK, February 23, 2023 /CNW/ – The government of Canada is committed to helping Canadians get active, from the playground to the podium. Supporting sport helps young people get exercise and brings communities across the country together in a spirit of healthy competition.

Today, the Honorable Pascale St-Onge, Minister for Sport and Minister responsible for the Economic Development Agency Canada for the regions of Quebecannounced $703,500 in funding Taekwondo Canada for 2022–23, inclusive $17,500 for safety in sports.

The investment will provide the organization with the financial means to conduct its day-to-day operations, promote taekwondo among all Canadians, support elite athletes nationally and internationally, and ensure a safe sporting environment for all athletes throughout Canada. Funding includes $75,000 To host the 2023 Canada Open February 23-25 In Vancouver, British Columbia.

As the largest investor in canada Sports system, the government of Canada is proud of its investments in support of Canadian athletes, the national and multisport organizations that support them, and its efforts to host international sporting events.


“We support sports organizations in their efforts to better serve their athletes and create safer training environments for everyone. With our support, Taekwondo Canada will be able to do just that. We give athletes the opportunity to compete right here at home at world-class levels and put their skills to the test. Canada Open 2023 will inspire young people to stay active and persevere to achieve their goals.”

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– The Honorable Pascale St-Onge, Minister for Sport and Minister responsible for the Economic Development Agency of Canada for the regions of Quebec

Vancouver is a world-class sports city. We are ready to welcome athletes, families, support teams and visitors from all over the world for the Vancouver 2023 Taekwondo Canada Open. Best wishes to all competing athletes. Congratulations to everyone who brought this event to our city.”

– Taleeb Noormohamed, MP (Vancouver Granville)

“Taekwondo Canada is very grateful for the financial support that Sport Canada provides us each year, which enables the organization to support their elite athletes in competing at the highest level while also supporting national and international events. Also critical to the organization’s success is the funding we receive for our Safe Sport programs and initiatives, which are critical for Taekwondo Canada to run a world-class organization where athletes feel they are in a to be able to compete in a safe environment.”

—David Harris, General Manager, Taekwondo Canada

Fast Facts

Taekwondo Canada is the official umbrella organization for Taekwondo in Canada. The organization supports more than 15,000 registrants.

Funding for national sports organizations comes primarily from Sport Canada’s Sport Support Program. A portion of this year’s investment came from the Recovery Fund for Arts, Culture, Heritage and Sport Sectors, which leveraged existing programs to deliver 300 million dollars over two years to organizations recovering from the effects of the pandemic. Funding for Taekwondo Canada to host the 2023 Canada Open was provided through Sport Canada’s hosting program.

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To be eligible, all sports organizations must have a harassment, abuse and discrimination policy in place. They must also provide mandatory training on these issues and provide access to an independent third party to receive and handle complaints. It will be mandatory for federally funded organizations to use the Office of the Sports Integrity Officer as their independent third-party mechanism.

Taekwondo Canada is a signatory to the Abuse Free Sport program, including the services of the Office of the Sport Integrity Commissioner as an independent third party mechanism to receive and process complaints of harassment, abuse and discrimination.

Effective April 1, 2023, Sport Canada will amend contribution agreements with organizations that meet the eligibility requirements of the Sport Funding Framework. The goal is to ensure that sports organizations that receive federal funding meet certain standards for governance, accountability, and safe sport.

The Office of the Sport Integrity Officer is responsible for administering the universal code of conduct to prevent and address abuse in sport using trauma-related processes that are compassionate, efficient and offer fairness, respect and justice to all parties involved.

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