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According to eMarketer, the global retail payments space will grow to approximately $4.4 trillion by 2023. This exponential growth has prompted merchants of all sizes to build increasingly complex payment infrastructure to deal with an ever-expanding mix of payment methods and processors. But this approach has inevitably led to technical debt, inflexibility, potential regulatory difficulties and ultimately limited a merchant’s ability to serve customers.

Gr4vy gives customers the freedom to focus on what matters most - their customers and e-commerce

Gr4vy gives customers the freedom to focus on what matters most – their customers and e-commerce

“Our goal is to fix that! We take the complexity out of merchants running a payment infrastructure. We offer a cloud-native tool that enables businesses to orchestrate and streamline their payments with intuitive interfaces (no engineering!), robust security, and easy, seamless implementation. This allows customers to focus on what matters most – their customers and e-commerce,” said John Lunn, Founder and CEO of Gr4vy.

Gr4vy is the only payment orchestration platform (POP) natively built in the cloud with reliable cloud-native serverless infrastructure (IAAS). It offers the resiliency, redundancy, and performance you expect from a cloud company.

A single-tenant cloud infrastructure reduces points of failure, eliminates shared infrastructure risks and data intermixing. This means that a trader never loses a transaction.

Gr4vy’s infrastructure also gives merchants the ability to grow and control their payment stack from anywhere via a single universal API, while reaping the benefits of data localization, reduced latency and failover redundancy.

The company was founded and co-founded by US and UK payments experts John Lunn, Ali Minaei and Cristiano Betta in 2020 and officially launched in April 2021.

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Since then, a team has been built that includes pioneers and payment experts from Adyen, Braintree, Cybersource, Google, PayPal, Recurly, Spreedly and Yoyo Wallet. Its members have a deep understanding of the payment difficulties that merchants face when it comes to optimizing their payment stack

In fact, digital transformation has always been a topic that has concerned retailers. Today’s customers want digital payment options to buy and pay for their e-commerce goods. It is crucial that these merchants have payment platforms and services that can support their customers’ needs and evolve with them.

To meet these needs, the Gr4vy platform was developed with advanced features and benefits. Its service-agnostic and universal capabilities across PCI Level 1 proof of payment vaulting, 3D Secure, tokenization, Apple Pay, Google Pay and more ensure merchants always have the flexibility they need across their entire payment stack.

Gr4vy makes it easy to add new service providers seamlessly with just a few clicks. The orchestration layer also instantly updates the merchants’ payment stack to make them more flexible. The no-code dashboard centralizes the management of all of a merchant’s payment methods, providers, terms and transactions, allowing them to do more, but in less time.

Merchants can deploy Gr4vy instances worldwide to ensure their customers always have the payment solutions and options they need, regardless of location or potential regulatory hiccups.

The platform’s advanced features and benefits mean merchants can streamline and manage payment methods, services and transactions, and powerful workflows in one place, while embracing digital transformation through the power of cloud computing.

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