Graveyard Keeper: How to unlock farming

When cemetery keeper Players don’t need to dig corpses into the ground and extract organs for their nefarious schemes, there’s no shortage of other activities to get involved in – from cooking food of varying quality to fishing and transferring science to the Middle Ages There are several wonderful ways to while away the time away from the strange townsfolk.

One of the most important hobbies players can pursue is Agriculture. While some crops can be bought from the farmer, others must be grown by the player themselves. In order to get the carrots that lure the corpse-delivering donkey to their graveyard, a farm should be up and running as soon as possible. With that in mind, this guide will help new players unlock farming cemetery keeper.


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How to unlock farming in Graveyard Keeper

When players start a new game cemetery keeperit is important to unlock farming as soon as possible so that the title graveyard is not neglected due to lack of body deliveries.

In order to start the quest that unlocks farming, players must first check the garden bench in the lower right area of ​​their homestead, above the path leading into town. You will find it destroyed and inspecting the wreck will prompt the player to speak with Horadric.

Talking to Horadric, the owner of the local Dead Horse Tavern, gives a new voice prompt: Ask about the garden to get the Garden Certificate. This will also start a quest where players talk to the merchant, but it’s progressing Not required to start farming.

This certificate allows players to return to the Garden Bench and repair it, an act that unlocks the empty garden bed Recipe.

How to farm

The garden bench unlocks farming, but planting seeds in the ground requires an empty garden bed. To do this, players simply have to place it anywhere on the farm, approach it and hold down a button to prepare the ground for seeds.

Seeds can be bought from the farmer NPC found by taking the path south through the cornfield. Carrot Seeds can be purchased at a starting price of 9 Copper each.

plant plants cemetery keeper requires at least four seeds, and unlike similar games, they don’t require watering or tending, meaning players can just plant them and forget about them. After a few days they will have grown noticeably and can be harvested by holding down a button, getting a random number of harvests and returning some seeds. Players are also rewarded with some crop residues used in some potion recipes.

As players become more advanced, they will unlock:

  • New things to craft and place on the farm
  • Fertilizers that can accelerate plant growth
  • Fertilizers that increase crop quality and provide more seeds per crop
  • Higher quality seeds that provide Bronze or Silver harvests by default
  • Automated zombie farms that harvest and replant seeds in bulk

cemetery keeper is available on Mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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