Gunfire Reborn: How To Play Li

Fusion of the Roguelite, FPS and RPG genres, Gunfire reborn puts players in control of adorable anthropomorphic heroes. It lets you fight enemies, collect weapons, and hone your skills through a series of procedurally generated levels. Although the game looks simple at first glance, there’s a lot of depth when it comes to builds and strategies that players can use.

With the ability to summon flames and meteors out of thin air, Li the Fox is a powerful character. However, since she lacks high shields and health to stay upright, she relies more than other characters on finding ways to maximize damage and kill enemies before they can kill them. Here is everything the player needs to know to start playing Li.


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Li basics

Just because its characters are cartoonish doesn’t mean it’s cartoony Gunfire reborn is an FPS for kids. There’s a lot of depth here, as Li demonstrates. Li the fox has Average speed but lower health and shield than most characters. This, combined with her high damage potential, makes her a glass cannon of sorts that can wreak havoc as long as she stays on her feet. However, it is her skills that allow her to stand out.


Li’s E ability, Spiritual Flame, creates a shockwave that deals 525 damage to enemies. For each Energy (up to 60) this power consumes, Spiritual Flame damage is increased by 2%. Consuming 30 energy doubles the damage and AoE of the ability. Killing enemies with Fire damage restores 2 energy and the character automatically regenerates 2% energy per second. Li’s Q ability, Blazing Meteor, deals 900 Fire damage and allows Li to regain 2 energy for each enemy hit by this ability.

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Great roguelites give players options, and Li has some good ones when it comes to Ascensions. Firefox Blessing only applies after Spiritual Flame has evolved. It then deals additional damage (up to 100%) and allows the ability to evolve a second time with 60 energy, increasing damage, expanding the area of ​​effect and leaving a burning trail.

Energetic Spirit IIncreases Li’s maximum energy and energy regeneration speed. This effect is especially good for E-builds, but even if the player is doing a Q-build it’s still useful. Energy recovery can feel sluggish for Li at times, and this climb resolves that. Raging Flame deals additional Fire damage It also increases damage against shields and armor by 33%, allowing Li to quickly slice through enemy tanks.

How to play Li


When it comes to guns, the Crimson Firescale is one of Li’s best. It’s great against standard enemies as well as bosses, and deals massive amounts of fire damage. demon lore has higher DPS potential than any other weapon in the game, with damage that increases with each critical hit the character receives before reloading.

The last recommended weapon when playing Li is the cloud weaver. It goes very well with Li’s abilities, which should be spammed as often as possible.

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Scrolls & Blessings

That ghost bible is an excellent scroll for her skill damage buff and flame splitter is great for its fire damage buff, which plays to Li’s strengths. against the current allows the player to regain ammo when damaging enemies, allowing the player to ignore reload and spam abilities and constantly pressuring the enemy. For this reason, Against the Flow is always worth checking out. One of the most important tips for playing Li is to build up as much damage as possible, since damage from abilities allows the fox to finish off enemies quickly, ensuring this fragile character survives.

That Flaming Meteor Blessings are great, however flame dance and Raging Inferno are arguably better because they increase Li’s DPS. Raging Inferno allows Li to regain energy simply by moving. Although the character loses stacks if they miss their punch, Raging Inferno allows the player to decimate enemies if the player can land their hits consistently. Keep moving, focus on dealing as much damage as possible (and collecting power-ups that make this strategy easier), and blow enemies away with Li’s aggressive firepower.

Gunfire reborn is now available for PC, iOS, Android, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

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