Harvey backs in revamped attack, latest on Membrey

Assistant coach Robert Harvey remains confident St Kilda’s injury-hit forward line will have no trouble adjusting to their systems-based structure despite injuries to their key stocks.

While confidence on the scoreboard has been heavily biased toward the paused Max King (shoulder) in recent years, Harvey is confident a collaborative, systems-based structure will propel the Saints forward figuratively and literally.

“We’ve had some really good young talent through the door and we’re integrating a new system which we think will be exciting,” Harvey said at this morning’s press conference.

“It creates opportunities and we have some great young players in our front half who are ready to go so we’re looking forward to that.

We’ve got some experience around them in the front half to lead and direct with Jack Higgins and Dan Butler who’ve played a lot of footy so we’re really optimistic about where we’re going and who can step up and fill that void.

-Robert Harvey

If the news is positive, key forward Tim Membrey avoided a significant stint on the sidelines after minor surgery on his knee yesterday morning, saving Harvey and the Saints another headache up front a month after Round 1.

Membrey is expected to be available for St Kilda’s date with Fremantle and is expected to resume full training within the fortnight. The 28-year-old has not missed a game through injury in three years, most recently with a broken finger at the end of 2020.

Robert Harvey leads the Saints through an exercise at RSEA Park. Photo: AFL Photos.

“It was really quite minor to be honest and we wanted to move on, but we thought this was the right time to look at it,” Harvey said.

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“He’s had a full summer and he’s hardly missed a session so we’re really happy with where he’s at. In the actual session he was fine, only a few times when he got out of the car he felt it a bit.

“Luckily it was as minor as we thought. The reports have all been good so we assume he will be ok for Round 1.”

St Kilda have recently expanded their offensive stocks with recruitment for the pre-season supplementary selection period Antony Caminitiwhose riveting game simulation performance last Friday earned the 19-year-old a spot on the list after just two training sessions.

In other news, Max King is on track thanks to his “top notch” rehab process Jack settlements And jade Gresham are “on the bit” to return and make themselves felt within the arc from the back of long-term back/knee injuries.

Ross Lyon has tagged the first round recruit Mattäs Phillipou than “any chance” to appear in red, white and black as early as Round 1.

Although the athletic midfielder/forward Phillipou has spent the majority of his pre-season training in the midfield, he has found it easy to fit into the mix of new attacking options, with Mitch Owens and Cooper Sharman filling key roles of late.

St Kilda has not shied away from bleeding its youth early in recent years. mitch owens, Nasiah Wanganeen-Milera And Mark windhager all debuted in last season’s opening month, while Tom highmore (2021), Max king (2020) and Hunter Clear (2018) were all starters in Round 1 in their respective years.

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“You can’t have favourites, but he’s an equally impressive first-year player that I’ve seen because he’s focused on improving his foot and still having fun I’ve seen,” Lyon told 7News via Phillipou.

“We’ve got an abundance of small forwards and Richmond have shown if you can keep up and get it on the ground…well we’re going to have to make some goals that way.”

St Kilda will test their new line-up against Melbourne at RSEA Park next Friday afternoon.


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