HBO Announces The Fate Of Its Best Sitcom

By James Brizuela | Released

curb your enthusiasm

It appears that HBO will be sticking with Larry David for a little longer, as recently announced Curb your enthusiasm was renewed for a 12th season. This is great news considering David most recently spoke about the death scene that was written to bring the series to a permanent conclusion. Killing the main character is a bit hacky, but it would make perfect sense that David would want that. How would this irreverent comedy end without just killing him? Well, right now nobody will need to see the fictionalized version of the killed man on their own series.

Curb your enthusiasm began about 20 years ago on HBO and features many real stars who often also appear as fictionalized versions of themselves. For example, Jeff Garlin is one of the main characters, but he appears in the series as Jeff Greene. Now that the series has been renewed for its 12th season, it is the longest-running scripted series on the network. You can certainly be proud of that. This news could also have been the reason why the death scene with Larry David was deleted from the series, at least for the time being. Commenting on the scrapped death scene, Jeff Schaffer, an executive producer on the series, mentioned that both men always treat each season as if it were going to be their last. That is certainly no longer the case.

There are reports that HBO essentially allows Schaffer and David to have an “open door” policy Curb your enthusiasm. If they happen to come up with new ideas, they are always told “yes”. That’s how popular the series has become on HBO, and we’re once again seeing how David deals with his many grievances in the world of celebrity status. David was also set to show a documentary about his life on the network before deciding to pull it off just hours before the premiere. David claimed that if he was going to release a documentary it should be in a live format, probably with some sort of question and answer section. Also, David might have canceled this documentary so he would do it sometime Curb your enthusiasm was officially over. This is just speculation, but it could be the case.

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Regardless of what Larry David has planned for his documentary, this is fantastic Curb your enthusiasm will return for another season. The series was one of the funniest shows ever produced on HBO. It makes perfect sense that if David and Shaffer came up with more ideas, the network would allow the show to continue. It’s just that good.

There is no news about when Curb your enthusiasm will be filming his new season. We’d imagine that could happen before the year is out, which could mean we’d see the series debut in late 2023. Hopefully production can start soon and we won’t have to wait too long for Larry David to return to his best show.

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