Here Are The Best ‘Destiny 2’ Season 18 Artifact Mods To Use For Your Build

Yesterday Bungie took the unusual step of showing all of Destiny 2 Season 18’s artifact mods early, something I don’t remember them doing in the past. This allows you to start planning your build ahead of time, as the list includes some old favorites, but also some brand new ones that should work with Arc 3.0.

In the table created by Bungie, there seemed to be some confusion about mods lacking descriptions that people said were “secret”. That’s not the case, if something doesn’t have a description it just means it came out in a past season and we already know what it does. However, that doesn’t mean some of these mods aren’t good too.

I would pay particular attention to these:

  • Anti-barrier sniper (weapons) – The great champion of anti-barrier mods returns, allowing you to knock down those shields from afar in high-level content.
  • Overload LMG (weapons) – While Thunderlord gets intrinsic overload this season Everyone MGs will have this ability, a rare gift for the Heavy slot, allowing it to defeat champions.
  • Bad amplitude (class member) – A new mod where damaging a champion with a bow ability shakes them, causing them to radiate lightning damage at nearby enemies.
  • Thunderous Reply (class item) – Not a new mod, but one that not only increases your Arc super damage when cast in a critical state, which was too situational, but now increases it when you are boosted, the new Arc 3.0 keyword that looks like this , like it would be active that often, so I can see that this might be great for Thundercrash for example. Or maybe the new Hunter Super. Or chaos range.

  • Hype Train Conductor (class item) – This adds 2 seconds to the boosted timer and can be doubled for four with two mods.
  • Shattering Glory (class item) – This ties in with this season’s Scout/Sniper mods, an old favorite where quick precision hits against distant fighters weaken them. A great debuff.
  • Lightning Strike Twice (class item) – After throwing a bow grenade, you gain increased grenade charge, and bow hits increase the duration of the benefit. This can easily be built into near-infinite arc grenade spam, and now with 3.0 boosts to arc and some of the grenades in particular, this could be one of the best mods of the season, especially on Titan, which has an entire aspect dedicated to boosted grenades .
  • Track Evidence (class item) – Precision hits on Arc-weakened targets create ion trails. I think that depends on how easy it is to apply constant arc debuffs as I see that is pretty good if you set up a build for it.

Those are the ones that stand out to me this season, and the only real unknowns on the list are which new Origin Traits the new Head mods will power up, as those haven’t been revealed yet. As I said on Twitter, nothing here jumps out to me as crazy as Volatile Rounds was for Void 3.0 or Classy Restoration for Solar 3.0, but maybe that’s a good thing that we need to use Arc as is, not through super boosted a mod or two for a season. And there are certainly some strong ones in here.

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