Here’s How To Hack Google For Sport And Money In 2023

Hacking Google as a way to make money is a sad reality for many cyber criminals. Be it by exploiting SEO to promote malicious links in search engine results, or by gaining unauthorized access to Google accounts to exploit the undisputed power that comes with being in control of an email account. Of course, there is a price to be paid for such nefarious activity when law enforcement finds the perpetrators. But what if you were told that there is a way to hack Google that won’t get you in jail but can still make you lots of money? What if I told you that hacking Google could be the next big esports game?

Register for the Google CTF to qualify for Hackceler8

In a May 26 post on the Google Security Blog, Google’s technical program manager Vincent Winstead urged hackers of all skill levels to test their skills and potentially learn some new ones by signing up for a Google Capture the Flag (CTF) – Register the competition The start is scheduled for June 23rd.

The Google CTF will consist of a series of different challenges presented in the form of computer security puzzles that must be solved using hacking skills such as reverse engineering, memory corruption to find exploits and more. Your CTF hacking team will be rewarded with points for each successfully completed challenge and thereby climb up the hacker rankings. And to quote the late Sir Bruce Forsyth of UK game show Play Your Cards Right: “What do points do prizes!”

The winning hackers qualify for the Google Hackceler8 in Tokyo

In fact, in the world of Google, CTF points offer a chance to gain access to Hackceler8 in Tokyo later this year. “The top 8 teams qualify for our Hackceler8 competition,” says Winstead, “our experimental esports-style hacking game, tailored to combine CTF and speedrunning.” In other words, a CTF against the clock, whose difficulty has been increased to challenge the hacking teams. In the case of Hackceler8, points also bring money: There is a prize pool of more than 32,000 US dollars to be won. “Whether you’re a seasoned CTF player or just interested in cybersecurity and ethical hacking,” says Winstead, “we want you to join us.”

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Hacked eSports aren’t Google’s only hacking fruits

If capturing flags and competing in hacking eSports isn’t your thing, but you still want to hack Google and make money, don’t worry because there’s something for you too. In a May 22 tweet, the official Google Bug Hunters account @GoogleVRP announced the launch of a new ethical hacking program aimed at bug hunters looking to find vulnerabilities in Android “first-party” applications running either developed or maintained by Google. and turn them into cash. The Mobile Vulnerability Reward Program (VRP) is aimed at hackers who want to uncover vulnerabilities in both arbitrary code execution and those that lead to theft of sensitive data. Both Google Chrome for Android and Gmail are in use for registered hackers. Cash rewards vary based on the severity determined by Google, but range from $750 to $30,000. For more information, see Google’s bug hunter pages.

And this is how you can hack google for sports and money!

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