Here’s How To Renew Your Ontario License Plate In 5 Minutes To Avoid A Hefty Fine

Renewing your Ontario license plates is easier than ever and could save you a few hundred dollars.

Motorists no longer have to worry about their Ontario license plate decals every year, but there is still a process through Service Ontario that needs to be followed – and those few minutes could save you from a hefty fine.

The Ontario government now has two different ways you can get your license plate renewed, and one can certainly be a lot quicker than the other.

You can choose to complete your Service Ontario License Plate Renewal in person, but now it can be done online in minutes.

I experienced this firsthand while shopping and my eye caught my old license plate sticker as I put something in the trunk of my vehicle. I was able to renew my number plate online in the parking lot on my phone.

How to do it.

Can I renew my license plate online in Ontario?

Yes, and it takes less than five minutes.

You just need to have some important information at hand, including your license plate number, registration number, mileage and insurance details.

The process is also completely free and you will be prompted to receive an email, SMS or phone call to be reminded to renew your license plate before it expires again.

It begins by visiting the Ontario Government’s website, here.

If you have the right information at hand, filling out the forms will only take a few minutes. And that’s it!

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After renewal, you won’t get a sticker, you won’t have to pay license plate renewal fees, and law enforcement will “instantly know” your license plate has been renewed, according to the Ontario government’s website.

Renewing your Ontario license plate online or in person will also save you a hefty fine.

If you’re caught driving with expired plates, you may have to pay anywhere from $85 to $1,000, the latter of which would also require being present in court.

According to OPP Sgt. Kerry Schmidt, these fines are becoming more frequent.

“We’re just noticing that there’s a lot of vehicles driving around, they still have their badge, but they’re not being registered annually,” Schmidt said in a recent video posted to Twitter, where he reiterated that it’s completely free. “All you have to do is go either online or in person and register your vehicle.”

Schmidt said they see drivers being charged for not registering their license plates “very regularly”.

Don’t let it happen to you!

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