‘Hogwarts Legacy’ Is The Top Four Best-Selling Games On Steam, Hits New Peak Playercount

Hogwarts Legacy Opening Week/Weekend comes into focus and as expected it’s a beast. With the game set to be one of the best-selling titles of the year, depending on what Call of Duty is doing and how Diablo 4 fares at launch, we have some early dates to look at.

While WB is probably still gathering numbers for a big announcement, we can already see some pretty wild stats for the game.

  • At the launch of Early Access, Hogwarts Legacy broke records for most streams of a single game with 1.28 million simultaneous games. Some players were watching the game, others were mainly looking for twitch drops.
  • Last week the Global Steam Seller Chart listed four different SKUs of Hogwarts Legacy, which takes all the top spots, two regular versions and two digital deluxe versions, split between pre-orders and live purchases.
  • Hogwarts Legacy peaked Sunday with 879,308 players on Steam, behind only Cyberpunk 2077 for most concurrent play for a single-player game. Also behind Elden Ring, if you want to think about it mostly single player.

It’s that last stat that’s probably worth taking a look at as we try to gauge sales here and predict how the rest of the year might go for Hogwarts Legacy.

Cyberpunk 2077 started with an initial mega sales spurt that led to these sky-high numbers that resulted in the game selling 13.7 million copies in its first three weeks. Sales plummeted after that, due to the disastrous console release that followed, which resulted in the game being pulled from the PS Store for six months. It took until September 2022 from the game’s launch in 2020 to crawl from the initial 13.7 million to a total of 20 million sales in three weeks. But since Hogwarts Legacy doesn’t have similar (bug/performance based) controversies, we shouldn’t see a big drop in sales here.

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Elden Ring could also prove to be a similar blueprint. The last we heard was that in 2022, Elden Ring sold 17.5 million copies in about eight months after its launch in February. On the one hand, Elden Ring was an instant GOTY frontrunner, it was made by the legendary FromSoftware team, and it had sky-high user and critic ratings. Hogwarts Legacy has done decently well with both critics and fans, but obviously not at Elden Ring levels. However, it seems that the strength of the Harry Potter brand can make up the difference there and then some.

Overall, I would forecast at least 10 million sales here in this first introductory phase. 20 million sales by the end of 2023. That would be wild numbers, outstripping both Cyberpunk 2077 and Elden Ring, but the fact that the game doesn’t have any massive technical flaws to overcome and has the allure of the Harry Potter IP in its corner , which expands its reach beyond hardcore gamers, I believe this is possible, if not likely. stay tuned for more

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