Hokko Life: How To Fish

Simulation games can be stressful at times, requiring the player to pay attention to a variety of tasks if they want to advance. Some Sims are good at giving the player a break from the hustle and bustle of a busy schedule, and even those that challenge the player in other areas can include activities that the player can use to unwind.

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Hokko life is a chilled Sim, and fishing is one of their chillest activities. Although struggling to reel in a difficult fish can be difficult, most of the time fishing is a relaxing endeavor and it lets the player make a bit of money while relaxing, it’s a great activity for those progressing in the game want to do while you take it easy. Here is everything the player needs to know to start fishing Hokko life.


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Fishing basics

It is quite difficult to fish without a fishing rod, so the first thing the player needs to do is get one. The player can get a fishing rod by speaking to Derris the bear. derris can be found on the beach, but he will be out of town for the first few days, so the player will have to wait a while before they can start fishing. derris provides the player with the blueprint for a fishing rod and will also teach the player the basics of fishing. With the blueprint in hand, the player can go to hers Workbench and do them fishing rod use 3 logs and 3 tufts of grass.

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Cozy games like this often change things up by incorporating multiple fishing spots. There are three different locations where the player can fish Hokko lifeand the player can catch different fish depending on the location: the Flow, the Sea, and the Pond. To complicate things further, time is a factor. Even if the player fishes the same spot 5 times, they can get completely different results depending on the time. The day is divided into five different periods for the purpose of fishing: Morning (06-11), Lunch (11-14), Afternoon (14-17), Evening (17-20), and night (20-06).

how to fish

Once the player has their fishing rod equipped, they must stand on the edge of the shore near a fish that will be visible as a shadow in the water. Throw the line near the fish to get its attention. If the fish ignores the line and swims away, simply move to a different position and cast again, repeating this process until the fish approaches the line. The fish then bites and the bait jerks several times. Wait for the command prompt to appear, and then press the interaction button to start the staggering minigame.

A black bar will appear on the screen and the player must now hold down the left mouse button to start reeling in the fish. Above that is a second bar with a fish image, which is about to become important. When the fish moves in the top bar, the player must hold down the corresponding movement button (D when instructing the player Drag to the right or A when instructing the player drag left, if the player uses the standard WASD key mapping). If you get this right, it won’t be long before the player becomes friends with townspeople again.

Although most of the game is relaxing, fishing has its stressful moments. Sometimes when the player rolls, a wobbly yellow border will surround the bottom bar. This is a cue for the player to relax the roll for a moment. If the player ignores this and continues to roll, the rim will turn red, indicating they have put too much tension on the line, and the fish will escape if the player does not ease up. It is therefore important that the player not be too aggressive when rolling, but remain patient and allow the fish to dictate the speed at which the player rolls.

Hokko life is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

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