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How High To Mount Tv Above Console

Hey claire, mounting a tv above a fireplace is tough. Lower consoles are ideal for this since most of us have pretty large tvs.

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You should endeavor to mount your tv in corresponding way.

How high to mount tv above console. An item for consideration and something i have witnessed many a husband and wife argue over is the height that their tv should be installed on the wall. One common idea is to treat your television like a piece of art. Superior mobility for best viewing angles — get a tilting mount to turn your tv downward (especially above a fireplace or for gaming), or get a full motion for watching from any spot in the room.

That way, the center point of the tv sits that far above the floor. How high should my tv be? Sal on may 28, 2018:

Tv height is an incredibly important issue, whether you're using a stand or mounting the tv on the wall. The proper placement of a tv is putting it even with your eyeline when seated. The tv does end up high just because of the size of the fireplace and the mantle.

Depends on the height of the mantel — or if ever you do not have one, at the. You can also mount it above the tv but the sound will not be as good. The sweet spot for the tv height in your room will depend on a few considerations:

Treat the tv like an art: Samsung tvs should never exceed 104 degrees fahrenheit. Your primary concern will be the heat:

Most sofa seating heights are close to 18 inches above the floor, and eye level for an adult seated in a relaxed manner is about 24 inches above the seat. Switch the furniture around or mount your tv somewhere else. However, you can compensate for the height difference by purchasing a tilting mount, which allows you to angle the tv downward.

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Sofa vs bar seating height; Tips that you should know. This not only looks the best but it will keep your eyes and neck from straining when you watch.

In order to determine the height that the tv should be mounted, we first need to know the size of the tv, the viewing distance from the tv, the eye level height from the floor and the reclining sitting angle. At 32 inches the media center should be fine. You can mount your tv over the fireplace, but you may not want to, unless you never use the fireplace.

Your television should be attached to the same altitude as you want to hang some pieces of art with the same dimension above your house fireplace. Great article, i think having a tv above a fireplace not only saves on space but creates a focal point in the. For a big screen tv in a large, open space, such as a living room or basement theater, here is a basic guideline for the best tv height:

Low sofas and chairs require low tv stands and vice versa. Don’t be afraid to lean an even smaller piece — a framed photo or mirror — against the hanging artwork for an additional. Before you even think of mounting a tv above your fireplace, light a fire and check the temperature first.

Only mount a tv above a fireplace if temperatures in that spot do not surpass 100 degrees fahrenheit. Once you have calculated the best height for your tv in relation to seating height, you can think about tv stand height. There are a lot of items for consideration and some you may be limited to where you actually mount a tv.

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The sofa back measures 34″ in height, so the bottom of the tv must be several inches above that. This is generally much higher on the wall compared to the method mentioned above. The tv stand you choose dictates the height at which the tv will be set so this is an important decision.

Imagine where you would hang a poster or a painting. If you’re in great doubt, do a bit of math: Tvs can be mounted virtually anywhere, even the ceiling!

Should you opt for a sound bar, there are many that are sized to fit between the bottom of the tv and the console. As for tv height, you’re on the right track in thinking that images will look best when viewed directly front and center. You should attempt to mount your tv in the most comfortable position possible, which is likely well below the maximum 35° viewing angle.

This mount is one of my favorites because it's so versatile: Your comfort is not usually the first thing you think of when setting up a tv. Here are important tips about mounting your tv above the fireplace:

63 inches from bottom of floor to center of screen. It will read more as part of the tabletop display, adding welcome depth and dimension to your arrangement. The best place to sit in a theatre is to be centered with the screen at eye level.

Of course, these numbers can vary quite a bit depending on the particular circumstances and on your personal preferences. Generally, the tv is placed at a height of 42” above the couch. You may have luck with a fireplace that produces less heat, features a deep mantel, and strong.

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How high should tv be installed on the wall. As a rule, a 42” television should be mounted about 56 inches from floor to tv center, a 55” tv should be around 61 inches, a 65” tv should be around 65 inches’ floor to center, and a 70” television should be mounted about 67 inches to the center of the screen. People have a tendency to hang art too high, so go low and hang a piece of smaller art just above your console.

I must mount the tv above the smaller sofa. Thanks so much for your help. What is the optimal/minimal height at which i should mount the tv??

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