How to Activate Side Quests

Apart from the series of main missions that includes the story of Valkyrie Elysium, Players can find a whole host of side quests as they progress. Sometimes side quests can be purchased from NPCs (non-playable characters) that can be found in the areas where the main story takes place.

In some cases, players must pick up an item or interact with an object to receive a side quest. However, once players receive a side quest during a main mission, they cannot simply start it. The side quest must be activated later. This guide will show players how to do it Activate side quests and get helpful rewards in the latest entry of the Valkyrie profile Series.


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How to activate subquests

During a main mission Valkyrie Elysium Players cannot continue found side quests. Instead of this, You must return to Valhalla or complete the mission first and then return to Valhalla.

Once in Valhalla, Valkyrie Elysium players need to go to the astral sphere near Odin’s throne. The Astral Orb allows players to view story missions regardless of whether they have been completed.

In this menu, the players Watch a button to switch between main quests and subquests, what Valkyrie Elysium calls side quests. In the subquest menu Valkyrie Elysium Players will see the side quests they have found and unlocked in main missions so far. From there, players can select a side quest or see what rewards are available for completing it.

Just like main missions, all side quests can be repeated. Selecting a side quest gives players the option to activate it.

What do side quests involve?

side quests one Valkyrie Elysium are pretty easy. Players must either find an item or kill a series of enemies as they near the endpoint of the area they are in.

In some cases, players must do both. Valkyrie Elysium Players will soon find that all side quests take place in areas they have already visited. Side quests aren’t particularly lengthy and can be completed quickly, as most of them all follow a similar format. After completing the objective, there will occasionally be a short cutscene with an NPC involved in the side quest.

Are side quests worth it?

While they may suffer from a lack of variety, side quests more than make up for this with the rewards they offer for going off the beaten track to complete them. Some examples of these rewards would be things like Ambrosia and Divine Arts.

Ambrosia increases the maximum health of Valkyrie Elysium Players, while Divine Arts are skills that can be used in battle. Since enemies are weak to different types of elements, Divine Arts are extremely useful for stunning bosses and dealing extra damage. So while the side quests won’t hold a candle to the main missions, the rewards more than make up for it.

Valkyrie Elysium is available for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. It will be available for PC on November 11th.

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