How to Add Running Form Metrics to Your Apple Watch Workout Display

With the debut of watchOS 9, Apple introduced new workout features aimed at taking your personal fitness to the next level. For example, you can now view running form metrics on your Apple Watch display while you run. This article explains what the new metrics are and how to enable them.

Watchos 9 training app
Apple has continued to lean toward fitness with the release of each new version of watchOS, and the latest version, ‌‌watchOS 9‌‌, adds more readings to your wrist than ever before on the Apple Watch.

In particular, Apple Watch Series 6 and later models can now measure and display additional elements of your running form in real time, including vertical oscillation, running stride length, and ground contact time.

  • Vertical Oscillation is the amount your torso moves vertically with each step while running. This measurement in centimeters can give you a sense of how much energy you are using to drive up or forward.
  • stride length while running is an estimate of how much distance you cover when running from one step to the next, in meters. Along with cadence, stride length determines your overall running speed.
  • ground contact time is an estimate of the time each foot spends in contact with the ground when running, in milliseconds.

How to view running form metrics for completed runs

If you’ve already completed a running workout, you can view these new running form metrics in the fitness App on your iPhone. Under Workouts, just tap the run you completed, then tap show more next to “Training Details”.

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How to add running form metrics to your Apple Watch workout display

The following steps will show you how to add all three metrics to your training views when you create a new custom running workout, so you can freely switch to them on the go.

  1. On the Apple Watch, start the Work out App, and then select the ellipsis button (three dots). on the outdoor run Map.
  2. Tap the Edit button (pencil). on the training card you want to add running form metrics to.
    work out
  3. Beat training viewsthen tap Edit Views.
  4. Under Metrics 2, turn on the switch next to Contain. (You can also optionally tap Edit button to change the individual metrics displayed.)
  5. When you’re done, tap The back Arrow twice, then tap start training. Alternatively, you can exit the workout app with a press of the Digital Crown – your running workout is ready when you are.
    work out

To see the new metrics while running, simply turn the Digital Crown on your Apple Watch to switch to the second training view you added to your custom run.

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