How to Add Sticky Notes to Webpages in Google Chrome and Firefox

There are many software packages that you can use to stick notes on the Windows desktop. Windows 11 even includes an accessory for adding desktop stickies. However, only a few of these apps allow you to stick notes on the tabs of the browser page.

However, there are some sticky note extensions available for Google Chrome and Firefox. These add-ons allow you to stick notes directly onto web pages. Then you can add handy reminders, shopping or to-do lists, or other text-based note forms to specific pages. How to add stickies in Chrome and Firefox with three alternative extensions.

How to add sticky notes to Chrome pages with Beanote

Beanote is a note extension for Chrome that allows you to add sticky notes and apply annotations to pages. It includes an additional text highlighting feature which is a useful addition. To install this extension, click on the Add to Chrome button on the Beanote page linked below. For more information on installing and managing Chrome extensions, see our guide.

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After installing Beanote, you can start using it on a website right away. To add a note, right-click an area of ​​a page and select it Create sticker note context option. Then enter some text in the sticky note that appears.

A sticky note added with Beanote

The note changes to an icon when you click outside of it. Hovering over the notification icon will display the content. You can click the icon to reopen the note’s text box, where you can edit or delete the note.

A sticky note icon

Alternatively, you can select full-size sticky notes to always stay on the page. To do this, click the pin button on the note. These larger notes overlap the page content, so it’s best to place them in empty areas of web pages.

Or you can apply a note to a text snippet on a webpage. Select a text snippet to add a sticky to by hovering over it. press the Create a note here option on the small toolbar that appears. Enter text in the note to create it. Then you will see a small icon next to the highlighted text that you added the note to.

Create Sticker Here toolbar option

You’ll probably notice that Beanote’s toolbar also has a highlight pen option. Click on it Highlighted text Option to add a mark without note about it. You can change the highlight color by clicking on the text and selecting the circular palette option.

Text highlighted with beanote

You can view and access all your saved notes through the Beanote extension. Press Chrome extensions press and click beanie on the Furnished Tab. Press the pages Tab to view a list of web pages you have pasted notes on. Clicking the links there will open the pages where you added notes. note Remarks Tab lists all stickies added to an open webpage.

All notes on a current page, displayed in Beanote

Download: Beanote for Google Chrome (free)

How to add sticky notes to Chrome pages with Note Anywhere

Note Anywhere is another Chrome extension that lets you add stickies to pages using the context menu, similar to Beanote. However, this add-on includes some additional formatting and coloring options for notes. You can add this note extension to Chrome from the Note Anywhere page linked at the bottom of this section.

Once you’ve added Note Anywhere to Chrome, go to a webpage to stick a note. Right-click anywhere on this webpage to select it Add a note here. Enter the content in the sticker. Then you can reposition the sticky on the webpage by dragging it with the cursor.

Add note here option

If you want to delete the note or change its color, click the ellipses button (three dots) on the top left of the note. Choose one of the alternative colors on the bar. Or click the Extinguish Option to remove notification.

You can keep accessing notice everywhere Options by clicking the extension’s menu/toolbar button. press the extensions Menu button and select notice everywhere from there. Then you can choose Hide Notes and symbolize options in the panel of the add-on. That Hide Notes Option removes stickies without deleting them. Choose iconize minimizes the notes on symbols on pages.

The Note Anywhere options

Like Beanote, Note Anywhere keeps a list of pages that contain notes for easy access. To view this list, click on the add-on settings (gear) button to open a separate one notice everywhere Tab. Select summary on this tab to display the list from which you can select page links.

A page list for notes added with Notes Anywhere

You can also select style options by clicking Settings on notice everywhere Tab. Click the background, text, and bar background boxes to customize the colors for notes. Or select different options on the font and text size drop down menus. click Save on computer to apply your new Sticky Note settings.

Style options in Note Anywhere

Download: Note everywhere for Google Chrome (free)

How to add notes to Firefox pages with Sticky Notes

Firefox users can stick notes on pages with the Sticky Notes add-on for Mozilla’s flagship browser. This extension does the same as Beanote and Note Anywhere but also adds a handy sidebar for access. You can install it from the Sticky Notes add-ons page below.

Similar to the others, this add-on integrates with Firefox’s context menu. Open a page where you want to insert a note, right-click anywhere and select sticky notes > Ceat stickies. Then you can type some content on a sticky note. Left click on the sticky to move it to a new page position.

A sticky note added in Firefox

The top right corner of the sticky contains a couple of buttons. One of them is a tagging option that you can click to add a tag. The other is an ellipsis menu button containing a Edit Color Possibility. Click this option to choose a different color for your note.

To show the sidebar of this add-on, click sticky notes in the Firefox toolbar. Choose Sticky list in the sidebar in the extension menu. The sidebar contains a list of dates for added notes. If you click on data, the added notes will be displayed. Select a note to view its content. You must double click on the content of a note to bring up its page.

The Sticky Notes sidebar in Firefox

Download: Sticky Notes for Firefox (Free)

Create sticky notes in your browser with web apps

Aside from the above extensions, you can create sticky notes in any browser using online apps like Pinup and Lino. These web apps allow you to add notes to separate whiteboard tabs in your browser. However, you cannot stick notes on pages with Pinup or Lino. Our guide to the best free online sticky note tools tells you more about this and other web apps.

Get stuck in Google Chrome and Firefox

Beanote, Sticky Notes, and Note Anywhere are good note-taking extensions in Chrome and Firefox. They allow you to add handy notes specific to the pages or websites they stick to. Although alternative notepad extensions are available, the above offer a more unique flexibility for sticking notes onto pages.

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