How to Add Twitter to Your Marketing Strategy

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When you think of social media ads for business-to-business (B2B) marketing, Twitter isn’t the default choice. Twitter often serves as an afterthought that few companies leverage their campaigns and invest their efforts into. LinkedIn is still the titan when it comes to finding leads for B2B marketing. After all, it’s the melting pot of all things business – from technology leaders, aspiring startups and solution seekers to networking with industry giants.

Twitter is a whole different beast. For one, it showed a significant growth plateau in 2014, leading to analyst downgrades and stock declines. Also, the steady growth of Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn made Twitter secondary for B2B marketing. That being said, salvation is no stranger. In fact, research from 2022 shows that advertisers could reach as many as 486 million active Twitter users — a 4.5% increase in just three months before July.

Effective leaders understand the gold mine behind this platform. While you need LinkedIn to find qualified leads and find people looking for solutions, a multi-channel sales strategy is key. Remember that social media is all about engagement and connection, and optimizing your ads across many platforms is vital.

The most important thing is knowing how to efficiently navigate the Twitter ad space, including the types of ads to use, learning your customization options, and the quality of your content. Not only does this help you reach your target audience effectively, but it also successfully drives bottom-of-funnel clicks to apps, landing pages, and websites.

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1. Sponsored Ads

Like boosted posts on Facebook, Twitter’s sponsored ads are among the most common features marketers use to reach an audience demographic. They look like regular tweets and come with one promoted -Tag in the lower left corner – relatively simple, but with high ROI.

Sponsored ads are flexible. Whether you want to include images, links, or videos, the variety of content you can use to build brand awareness is plentiful. This allows marketers to present products, solutions and corporate culture in an uncomplicated yet nuanced manner.

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2. Follower Ads

Follower ads are a proven way to get more reach on Twitter. This allows your account to be front and center of suggested Twitter users who follow Section. Not only does this put your brand on a pedestal, but it can also help curate your circle of those interested in what you offer and ensure a junk-free network from a compressed base of followers. As with promoted ads, follower ads come with a advertised tag this serves as a distinction to other account recommendations. Corresponding business twitterUsers who follow you through follower ads are more likely to become advocates or fanscreating not just one-time customers, but long-term relationships.

3. Trend and timeline acquisitions

Trend Takeovers are premium ads specially designed for massive accounts to take the first place in trending space of their target users on mobile apps and web browsers. This is ideal for corporate brands with optimal resources, a solid following, and an established identity, as self-managed accounts do not have access to it. If you want to go one step further, Trending+ adds a video to your message, creating a compelling story that not only catches the eye but is a proven conversation starter.

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On the other hand, Timeline Takeover places your brand at the top of your target users’ feed so that you are immediately visible as soon as they open their app. Twitter’s Mass Consciousness Promotional Pack is exclusive and lasts for one day. And exactly how trend, timeline also comes with an auto-play video that instantly gives users a visual narrative of your campaign.

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4. Twitter live

There’s a common misconception that Twitter Live is strictly for business-to-consumer (B2C) marketing. Forward-thinking executives and marketers know this capability is also essential for B2B brands to sell products and solutions and provide on-the-fly nuance that hyper-personalizes and humanizes brands. For example, businesses can use this feature to broadcast business events and seminars that immediately spark conversations with their followers.

Other Twitter Advertising Features

Other Twitter Ads features that help brands improve the functionality of their campaign include polls, conversation buttons or CTAs, app buttons, website buttons, brand notifications, and brand hashtags. These amplify your selected ads that trigger clicks, engagement, and retweets.

Ultimately, the goal is to have a bulletproof set of tactics and strategies for exploring social media targeting opportunities. With Twitter, the key is not limiting your brand to outdated B2B practices. Although it’s aimed at business professionals, it’s important to remember that people are prone to creativity, humor, unconventional thinking, and engaging storytelling.

Learn which ad type best fits your brand, back it up with quality content, and use your brains and brains to manage your campaign.

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