How to automatically keep your Windows applications updated

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Trying to keep all applications on your Windows PC up to date is a chore.

Usually you have to open and check each app individually to see if there is an important or critical update waiting to be installed.

Well, instead of checking each program manually, there is an easier way and that is to use a software updater.

The best software updaters will check all your Windows applications for updates and then install them for you.

Tools like Patch My PC Home Updater, Ucheck by Adlice Software and IObit Software Updater automatically update the programs on your PC. That’s how they work.

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How to keep your Windows applications up to date automatically

Patch My PC Home Updater is free for home users and supports more than 300 different applications and gives you the possibility to keep them up to date through manual or scheduled scans and automated installations. Patch My PC is a portable program, so no installation is required.

When started, the software automatically searches your PC for supported applications. The home screen then shows a list of apps, color-coded according to their status. Apps in green are installed but don’t need to be updated. Apps in red are installed and need to be updated. Apps in black are not installed. The screen also shows you how many apps need updating and how many are already up to date. To see if a specific app is supported, either browse the list on the left or search for the app’s name

Color-coded apps for update status on home screen.

Patch My PC Home Updater updates to install them.

Screenshot by Lance Whitney

Click the button for Rescan installed apps if you want to update the scan. Choose options to optimize the program. You can tell it to download but not install updates, change color-coding, automatically update apps when you launch Patch My PC, and create a restore point before any updates. The program also accepts certain command line switches, which you can see by clicking the for button command line options.

Options for configuring updates with Patch My PC Home Updater

Patch the My PC Home Updater options.

Screenshot by Lance Whitney

Patch My PC even comes with its own uninstaller, so you can remove any application that you no longer need or want. Choose planner and you can schedule a scan at different intervals, e.g. B. once a day, once every five days, once a week or once a month.

Scheduling times in the Patch My PC Home Updater scheduler.

Patch My PC Home Updater Scheduler.

Screenshot by Lance Whitney

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To apply the latest updates, click the button at the bottom of the screen for Perform X updates. The program lists each application with an indicator of whether it was updated successfully. Overall, Patch My PC is a simple and effective tool. However, there are some popular apps that the program doesn’t support, such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

Run X updates results for app update status.

Patch the My PC Home Updater results.

Screenshot by Lance Whitney

UCheck by Adlice Software

Adlice Software’s free version of UCheck scans for apps that need updating and lets you install those updates. For $13 per year, the premium version allows you to schedule scans and install new applications. For $32 per year, a Technician Edition offers portable configuration and license, scriptable software, and unlimited use on computers.

Like Patch My PC Home Updater, UCheck supports a healthy range of apps, but there will always be certain ones missing from the list. A handy link lets you suggest an app you think should be supported. After launching UCheck, click Scan button. In response, the program will show you how many apps need to be updated and how many apps are installed on your PC.

Check the Scan option for updates

UCheck list of Adlice Software apps to update.

Screenshot by Lance Whitney

Click the link for Pending updates. On the available updates screen, you can choose all listed apps or just specific ones. press the Update selected button to update all selected apps, or click the action button for a specific app to download the latest update.

Download an update option in UCheck from Adlice Software

Adlice Software’s UCheck is downloading an update.

Screenshot by Lance Whitney

The program will then update to show the installed updates. A purple update means it has been downloaded but not yet installed. An update in green means it has been downloaded and installed.

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Selected updates for UCheck by Adlice Software

UCheck results by Adlice Software.

Screenshot by Lance Whitney

Finally, click on the icon for History & Settings to review various settings to tweak and view previous scan reports. Certain features and settings are not available in the free version. But if all you need is a good software updater, then the freebie should do the trick.

History and Settings section of UCheck by Adlice Software

UCheck history by Adlice Software.

Screenshot by Lance Whitney

IObit software updater

IObit Software Updater is another powerful updater that supports a wide range of applications. The main disadvantage is that the free variant limits you to two updates per day. For more flexibility, you’ll have to shell out $13 for the Pro edition. Just be careful during installation as IObit tries to add other programs to your PC e.g. B. a VPN and a password manager. Just say no if you don’t need these extras.

Once the program is up and running, it will automatically scan your installed applications to determine which ones need updating, as listed in the Outdated section. You can mark only the apps you want to update or select all and click Update now Button.

Outdated update programs for IObit Software Updater

IObit Software Updater apps to update.

Screenshot by Lance Whitney

Since the free version limits you to two updates per day, you’ll have to come back again tomorrow to update any remaining apps. Otherwise, the paid edition lets you update as many as you want and also offers an auto-update feature that automates the process. Overall the program worked fine although I encountered an error where it failed to update OBS Studio without explaining what went wrong.

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Notification about a failed program update for IObit Software Updater

IObit software updater results.

Screenshot by Lance Whitney

Along with Patch My PC Home Updater, UCheck, and IObit Software Updater, some programs include a software updater as part of their overall package. For example, Glary Utilities and Norton 360 both come with software updaters that work effectively. But whatever program you use, I think you’ll find that a software updater will save you a lot of time and effort.

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