How To Avoid Overeating During Festivals? Expert Reveals

Festival time is in full swing in India and there is not a single day that goes without sweets, savory foods and all kinds of tasty foods imaginable! All of these foods can make it difficult for anyone to resist the temptation to eat, especially when you are at home with family or celebrating with friends. But what this can also do is send you on an overeating spree – knowingly or unknowingly. What do you do in such circumstances – especially if you have an underlying health condition? Saying no would be rude – because hey, it’s festival time! And eating whatever is offered can be harmful over time. Don’t worry! We bring you some tips you can follow to avoid overeating without spoiling the festive spirit.

Here are some tips to avoid overeating during festivals:

1. Don’t go out on an empty stomach

Yes, we would have heard this advice many times from our mothers as children. Make sure you have something to eat at home, even if it’s a healthy snack, before you head out. This will ensure you are not too hungry to eat whatever is available. This is also an especially important tip for people with health conditions like diabetes.

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2. Avoid lingering at the food counter for too long

We all love conversation over dinner. However, with all the talk, it could happen that you overeat and are not indifferent to what is going on. When you’re done eating, make sure you wash up and go to another room. This will ensure that you are not tempted to have another serving when you should be done.

wedding buffet

Simply place the desired amount of food on your plate and sit down.

3. Snack healthy

Aside from the delicious main course, there are several options served that can replace the binge and fill your stomach in a healthy way. For example, salads, grilled or roasted vegetables, and even soups are options to consider before starting the main course. What these do is control your cravings and hunger pangs, thereby preventing overeating.

4. Take smaller portions

Avoid putting everything on the plate. If you want to try all of the items listed, make sure you only serve smaller portions. If possible, use a smaller plate instead to accommodate less food.

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Practice portion control and don’t overeat. Photo credit: iStock

5. The one sweet rule

We all have a sweet tooth – yes, even those who claim otherwise! If you’re out at a party, you need to follow the one sweet rule here. After that, put away the candy box and go to another side of the room to avoid any temptation.

6. Escape from social pressure

At a party, the word “no” is king. Learn to refuse if you only eat as a social obligation. Also, with drinks, be sure to hold one in your hand and sip on it from time to time.

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7. Eat slowly

Mindful eating is best. Eat as slowly as possible to resist the temptation to stuff your plate full. Enjoy every bite and chew it well. When you’re done, you’ll feel satiated and there won’t be any scope for bingeing.


Remember that while we overeat in all this festive glory, it can often be the cause of indigestion, acid reflux, and other problems. This is even more true if you already have an underlying health problem. Mindfulness is key to enjoying the celebrations in a healthier way.

About the Author: Swati Jain is Food Technology Lead at Lil’ Goodness.

Disclaimer: This content, including advice, contains general information only. It in no way replaces a qualified medical opinion. Always consult a specialist or your GP for more information. NDTV takes no responsibility for this information.

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