How to Avoid Trouble when Hitting a Treacherous Shot

It was great fun watching some of the best players in the world compete in the 14th Presidents Cup at Quail Hollow Club. One of the holes that really grabs your attention this week at Quail Hollow is the 14th hole. It’s the 17th hole on the scorecard, but for the Presidents Cup it’s been moved to ensure every group can grapple with this par 3 challenge, which forms part of Quail Hollow’s legendary Green Mile.

The 200+ yard peninsula of the 14th begins with an elevated tee shot onto a small target green. The green catches your attention as it moves from right to left across your field of view. The loch is a perfect pairing with the landscape. Many think the island green is tough at the PLAYERS Championship, but by watching this week it’s easy to see that this hole is catching the attention of all competitors.

We all have holes in our homes that mess up our brains, like this one. They cause us to do crazy things that often end with terrible results. On Friday afternoon, Justin Thomas hit the 14th 2up in his match against Adam Scott and Cam Davis.

In a pivotal moment of the game, JT made it big with that tee shot, earning a birdie. He and Jordan Spieth went 3up and then to victory in their fourball match.

How was Justin able to calm his fears and strike at the hole with such composure? This is an extremely difficult shot under normal circumstances, let alone in the Presidents Cup!

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By watching Thomas’ swing in slow motion as you scroll through the video, we can see a
few keys that can help us all to do better in such shots. Make notes on this list and keep them in your bag. Use them as a reminder of how to avoid problems.

  1. Note where JT is aiming. He plans to play the shot on the safe side. Lots of amateurs
    I have no idea where to hit the ball. As a result, her attention is consumed by the
    danger, and they met it there.

  2. Make sure you turn away from the ball. When we face a difficult shot, the body tends to
    Freeze, and the arms are left alone to function. Look at it the other way around. Feel like you
    Just use your body and just let those arms ride along.

  3. Bring your lower body back toward the ball. Step back and watch Thomas’ leg movement. He is
    one of the best on tour. By leading with the lower body, we can keep the ball online.

So remember: Aim for the spot that gives you the most space. Let that take away a spin and then fire off those legs for the bat to come down and hit the ball on your target line.

Most of us feel frozen when the stakes are raised over the ball. To be ready, incorporate these three keys into your practice time. Imagine shooting range scenarios similar to your toughest targets. Above all, remember this when you’ve met a good one. After all, Justin Thomas probably used that memory from the 2017 PGA Championship to do it all over again…

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