How To Beat Atlach-Nacha In Lovecraft’s Untold Stories 2

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Lovecraft’s Untold Stories 2 didn’t pull any punches in the last big fight, and it continues to champion it here. Atlach-Nacha is essentially a giant armored spider spawned from the depths of mankind’s nightmares. Speaking of spawn, Atlach-nacha isn’t averse to the idea of ​​surrounding you with his nightmarish babies and eating you for dinner.

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Atlach-nacha is mobile, powerful, and a master at draining your resources. Poison, fast damage, and crowd control are the name of the game here, so get ready to dodge. Atlach-nacha is no joke, and death is always one mistake away. Let’s dive into what makes it special.


Atlach Nacha Attacks

Atlach-Nacha, unlike Wendigo, doesn’t have many attacks. Other than that, his attacks are pretty doomed dangerous and difficult to avoid.

attack explanation counter
Jump Atlach Nacha will leap into the air and leave the area for a long time. You can see where Atlach Nacha is by the large shadow. Upon returning to the arena, she deals massive damage and stuns you. This attack must be avoided or you will struggle with the rest of your gear. Stay away from the shadow and dodge once it begins its descent.
Summon Spiders Atlach Nacha summons a large poisonous spider. This spider can be killed quickly if you focus it down. Keep your distance with a bite and you will be infected with venom.
spit poison Atlach Nacha fires a series of large green orbs at the player. These cause moderate damage on contact and inflict poison on you. These attacks are much harder to avoid when you’re stunning. Otherwise, keep your distance and dodge them.

Atlach Nacha mechanics

Atlach-Nacha’s ability to leave the arena is his main trick. You cannot harm Atlach-Nacha in this state. You can use this time to eliminate your minions, just watch out for her return. Her descent is surprisingly quick and the penalty for being hit by it is significant.

Which character to use

Most characters can handle this fight well enough. We found the greatest success with the detective and professor, however. The detective has some great guns in his arsenal and his access to Mass extinguishing bombs and one throw make him a great all-around choice for this fight.

The professor, on the other hand, can use his Sign to avoid most damage and status effects dealt by Atlach Nacha. More importantly, since Atlach-Nacha regularly leaves the arena, You can use this downtime to disable your shield and restore your energyj.

battle strategy

This fight can last a while depending on how often Atlach Nacha uses its jumping ability. However, it has only one phase, So the plan is the same from start to finish. You want to Prioritize your minions to prevent any chance of dog poo. Your spiders will be summoned one by one, As such, you often need to shift your focus to these individual goals.

When fighting Atlach-Nacha directly, You want to put some distance between you and him. Its poisonous spit can be a real nuisance, so that’s one to fall back on edge of your reach Getting as much response time as possible is very helpful.

Rinse and repeatand Atlach-nacha will perish.

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