How To Beat ClockMaker In Islets

Islets serves up one of the most chaotic fights in the game with the ClockMaker.

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The bosses of islet can be some of the most exciting encounters in the game, whether they’re satisfying challenges or opportunities to show off your superior platforming skills. One of them is the ClockMaker, a cat with a few tricks up his sleeve that will ruin your day.

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With an arena like no other, adorned with moving platforms that are regularly destroyed, and a pit full of spikes, staying alive in this fight is easier said than done. It is as much a test of patience as it is a test of skill.

The Clockmaker’s Attacks

There’s a lot going on in this fight – more than you’re used to or ever will to have to get used to something. Luckily the watchmaker doesn’t have that the lots of attacks to equalize.

attack description How to counter
center spread The ClockMaker hangs from the ceiling for a moment before summoning a series of projectiles that fire across the screen. Try to stay away from ClockMaker and jump to avoid nearby projectiles.
side saw A very large saw blade comes down either side of the screen. It will destroy the platforms of the two pillars on this side. Go to the opposite side as quickly as possible.
double side saws Two very large saw blades fall down on either side of the screen, destroying the left and right pillars. Get to the center as quickly as possible.
cannonball A large cannon will appear on one side of the screen before a large cannonball is fired. Whenever it hits the ground, the cannonball shoots projectiles into the arena. The best place for this attack is the top corner opposite the cannon, stepping away from the ball as it approaches. This gives you the best chance of dodging the projectiles.

How to beat the ClockMaker

This is a tough fight. It is a very delicate balance between attack and defense – You have a lot of dangers to avoid and no solid ground to work on, but the boss still has to be beaten.

  • ClockMaker has two enrage breakpoints, at roughly one-third and two-thirds of his health bar. These do not add new attacks, but increase the speed of his movements.
  • Luckily, its attack pattern is predictable.
    • That Cannonball attack comes out after every side saw attack without fail.
    • When you see them ClockMaker in the middle of the screen, you know a center spread is coming.
  • If you master his attack pattern, then the fight will depend on luck – you need to put the moving platforms in good spots to drain the boss’s health, since If you get too greedy with your attacks, stray projectiles will kill you.
  • The key to this fight is to stay calm and focus on staying alive. Make good use of your bow when you are too far from the ClockMaker to hit it with your sword, and Only engage in a melee attack when you can do so safely.

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