How To Beat Haborym, Saleos, And Baalzebub In Cult Of The Lamb

cult of the Lamb tasks you with hunting down bishops, but getting to these “old faith” leaders is more difficult than you might expect. Not only do you have to run a cult, pick up an ungodly amount of feces, and be constantly on cooking duty—you must also kill each bishop’s minions.

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Each bishop has three minions, but if you’ve gotten this far you already know that. Anchordeep is no different, with Haborym, Saleos, and Baalzebub all stepping in to take a swipe at your crowned dome. So they intend to kill you how they can avoid this unfortunate event and kill them right back.


As always, defeating these bosses turns them into handy dandies follower for your cult. Prepare those beds.

First Boss – Haborym

Haborym is your first target. This thing is all about overpowering you with deadly minionsalthough this is also random biggest weakness. When they’re not teleporting around and summoning hordes of jellyfish, Haborym lays down pretty impressively stream of projectiles so you can slip in between.

attack explanation counter
5 star projectile This is Haborym’s most basic attack. You simply fire 5 projectiles in a star pattern. Not only does this attack move slowly, but there are large gaps between each projectile. Just move between them and attack.
Spiral Bullets Haborym fires a spiraling ring of projectiles. This one is a little harder to avoid, as dodging will cause you to roll into more projectiles. Take your time and meander through the ball labyrinth.
Summon Minions Simply Haborym’s signature attack. Haborym summons a mixture of horned and exploding jellyfish. You can just hit them with your weapon to kill them, but when it comes to Exploding Jellyfish, they’ll launch when hit and explode after coming in contact with something – this includes other minions and Haborym . Try throwing Haborym’s minions at it for bonus damage.
teleport Not an attack, more of an annoyance. Haborym teleports through the arena, forcing you to reposition and hunt. There’s nothing you can do about it – just keep following Haborym. Just be careful not to hit one of his attacks in your rush to catch up.

Second Boss – Saleos

Saleos, despite being the second boss in the line of three, is probably the easiest to use. Saleos has one basic attack pattern, actually has no gimmicksand largely uses moves you have seen many times. This makes Saleos a minor wimp and an easy win.

attack explanation counter
Summon Minions As with Haborym, Saleos can summon minions. However, these minions are much stronger than Haborym’s and take two to three hits to take them down. They charge at you and eject spikes to deal damage. These minions are pretty slow and not that big of a problem. We recommend turning them off if they’re proving to be a nuisance, but you can also just ignore them and rush Saleos.
Load This is Saleos’ main form of mobility and attack. Saleos charges at you, then uses spikes to expand his hitbox. This attack is very deceptive and will likely hit you a few times before you get the hang of its hitbox. These spikes make it much harder to dodge – but not impossible.
Spike line projectile Saleos’ only other attack. Saleos fires a series of spikes that erupt from the ground and span roughly half the length of the arena. Step to the side and you will avoid them. This attack is only dangerous at close range.

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Third Boss – Baalzebub

The final boss of Anchordeep’s ‘Big Three’. Baalzebub can be quite a tricky customer as they love to shoot projectiles – and they will do it until you or they are dead. This fight requires cautious movements to overcome as it is very easy to lose sight of an erratic ball and get clocked for your mistake.

attack explanation counter
8 star projectile Baalzebub fires 8 projectiles in a circle formation around Baalzebub. This is similar to Haborym – only much harder to dodge. That doesn’t make it difficult though, just roll out and attack.
bullet clouds This is Baalzebub’s strongest attack. Baalzebub fires three clouds of projectiles in a slow-moving cluster. These clouds then burst into 4 projectiles that slowly expand. There’s no trick to this – just keep an eye on the projectiles and roll/run through them when it’s safe. We recommend waiting for the clouds to clear before attempting this.
projectile bursts Baalzebub fires 4 waves of 4 projectiles in a line pattern. This attack has enough gap (and moves slow enough) to easily run to safety between each wave. Don’t roll forward through the lines as you will likely find yourself rolling into more projectiles.

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