How To Beat Scrap Knight In Shovel Knight Dig

While she makes it a chore, Shovel Knight Digs Scrap Knight can be beaten thanks to her volatility. Here’s how!

Despite so many memorable and likable characters in the Shovel Knight universe, Shovel Knight Dig does not stop introducing new ones. There’s a slew of new NPCs, helpers, and enemies, with old and new faces returning as bosses. This includes the lesser-known Scrap Knight, another member of the Drill Knight team.

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Considering that excavation produces many different things, both valuable and worthless, Scrap Knight has enough to keep busy collecting everything. She has found her perfect place to do this as the boss of the magical landfill, which she has mastered navigating.


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How to defeat Scrap Knight

Scrap Knight is another boss that starts with a nondescript arena because it moves so much. Although she occasionally runs on the ground, She prefers to shoot through the air where she can stay out of range. However, she carries her own arena in her sack, which is a small square chamber with two sets of portals. You can move freely through them, but they are better used to it Anticipate Scrap Knight’s attacks.

Despite having a thin body, Scrap Knight is still a target large enough to be hit with the shovel. Since she is slightly taller than Shovel Knight, Just try a shovel drop when she runs towards you to jump over her. When she’s put in her junk sack, focus on slam attacks when she’s running and scoop drops when she’s charging.

Scrap Knight also has two phases, with the first moving around the chamber. Since the chamber is safe, you can focus on it. She attacks in random patterns, but they are telegraphed. When she hops through the air, she can throw one or more pieces of junk in a spread pattern. The gaps are wide enough that you can easily avoid them.

When moving through the air, Scrap Knight can throw down but will most likely try to hit you with a quick ground attack. Make sure you move against their instructions to avoid getting hit.

In the second phase, you fight Scrap Knight in her junk sack. It’s a much smaller chamber with platforms in the center and two sets of portals, orange and blue. Scrap Knight actually has preferred moves, often moving from top left to bottom right. Her main attack consists of rushing through the portals in a straight line, hitting a different plane every time she comes out. Look for the ad sparkle through the portals to know which one it’s coming from so you can counterattack.

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