How To Beat The Guard Captain

Action-adventure games look for the perfect balance between exploring areas and bashing enemies. It’s harder to keep the player engaged than it looks, and if areas are poorly designed or enemies aren’t fun to fight, players won’t stick around for long.

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tunic does a great job of bringing players into his world and giving them good reasons to stay. That Captain of the Guard is tunic first boss that confronts players when they’re still learning the basics and serves as a test of the dodge and attack skills they’ve learned up to this point. With another fighting guard at his side, the Captain of the Guard can be an unexpected challenge. Here’s everything players need to know to take down this boss.


Basics of the Watch Captain

The Guard Captain is the first boss players face Tunic. This boss is basically a larger, recolored version of the common guard mobs found in the area. Unsurprisingly, the boss isn’t much of a challenge compared to some of the difficult fights that come later in the game. However, the Guard Captain is still capable of tripping the player if they are not careful.

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Appropriate for his role as captain This boss even has another guard with him when the fight starts. This guard can be taken out without too much difficulty using the normal combination of dashes and punches that the player used to eliminate the enemies in that area. However, the presence of the boss complicates things somewhat. The two will often attack the player simultaneously, and it can be difficult to dodge one while trying to fight the other. To make matters worse, the player doesn’t yet have some of the best loadouts in the game.

How to defeat the Watch Captain

The first step to defeating the Watch Captain is to defeat the Watch Mob that accompanies him. If the player leaves this guard alive and tries to focus on the captain, it will become difficult to dodge their combined attacks and dodge them later in battle. First take out the guard, dodge as needed to make space between yourself and the guard captain to keep this iconic fox alive.

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In the boss’s chamber are some rocks that the player can duck behind when things get dicey. The player can use these rocks either to dodge an attack or to take refuge while resting and recovering quickly. However, the Watch Captain can chase the player around these rocks, so the relief they offer is brief at best. This is especially true later in the fight when the player is under the most pressure from the boss. The good news is that the Watch Captain only has a few basic attacks, none of which take a long time to learn.

He has a base slash Attack, sometimes accompanied by a second hit that is easily dodged. However, the boss arena is small, so it’s important not to get stuck with your back against a wall and not dodge anywhere. His is more dangerous prick Attack as it can hit the player from further than one would expect and does significant damage. The best strategy is simple: avoid the boss’s attacks by dodging once the attack animations start, then attack with a series of quick punches. Repeat the process and tunic The first boss will soon be gone, allowing the player to see what else the game has to offer.

tunic is now available for PC, Mac, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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