How To Beat Varg In Thymesia

Herme’s Castle is the third area in thymesia, and it’s probably one of the simplest. The challenge takes quite a dip, partly because Corvus is nearing the peak of his power and partly because the area is short of mini-bosses. Of course, this is all just a trick, because Varg is hiding in this area.

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You may not remember Varg’s name, but you will remember his armored jug. Varg is the first boss you fought in Thymesia – you know, the one who brutally murdered you during the tutorial. Well now it’s time to face him again and this time you have to win. Thankfully, he’s quite the one-trick pony.

Varg’s overview

Varg is a towering mountain of a man who wears one equally hilly sword which he is very much looking forward to ram through your lithe body. What he lacks in character, development and finesse, he more than makes up for powerful swings that can end your life in seconds if you don’t keep at it.


Varg is a brutal fighter, but he is not insurmountable. As a matter of fact, He’s still not on the same level as Odurwhich is stunning considering Odur is the first “real” boss in Thymesia and hasn’t been challenged by a boss since.

Varg’s attacks

Varg has a great sword, a lot of armor, and two whole stages of murdering you. Despite its multi-phase design it doesn’t change much during the transition. That makes him incredibly easy to learnsince you only have to learn its first phase and you will be able to handle its second.

All of Varg’s attacks (except for his ultimate) are countered the same way – distract her. His attacks have a long elevator and come out slow. It’s imposing for its size, but the counter should always assert itself and deflect.

attack explanation
Forward slash + overhead slam Varg punches Corvus and then follows up with an overhead slam.
Double slash Varg hits Corvus twice in quick succession with his sword.
Overheard + slash + slash Varg opens with a powerful overhead slam, followed by two slashes.
Back Dash + Slash + Stitch Varg runs away from Corvus, strikes, and then follows with a powerful stab
Backward Sprint + Leap Attack Varg jumps back and immediately launches a jumping attack

phase two

Phase two is largely identical to phase one. Varg’s attacks remain mostly the same. The main difference is that Varg is now much more aggressive. By this we mean that Varg will attack more often and give you less room to breathe. Not only that, He can combine some of his attacks with other attacks. These aren’t harder to deflect, they only change if you can counter.

Furthermore Varg gains an ultimate attack. He’ll use this attack once phase two begins, and he’ll use it regularly as the fight rages on. The counter to this attack is to retreat. Just unlock and escape from Varg.

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Because Varg is so relentless – but readable, We recommend taking talents that improve your defensive ability. Precise distraction is particularly excellent as it increases the damage dealt to Varg when you distract – which will be constant.

long claw is a talent that we also recommend. The damage it deals is excellentthe two-hit combo comes out fast enough that you can always squeeze it in and still be ready to defend in between combos, and it’ll shred Varg very quickly once you get into a rhythm.

Outside of those two Increasing saber damage is always a good choicehow it is Long dodge. Remember you can Reset your talents for free on a beaconso it’s very easy to change your build to cope with varg.

battle strategy

To beat Varg, You need to be able to count on being able to fend off his attacks. You’re going to want to spend 99 percent of this fight in his face and deflects his punches. between station wagons, You want to attack with your saber. The trick is not to get greedy. Varg is slow but the cooldown between his attacks is quite shortt. You should aim to get one Three hit combo off – Maybe stretch to four if you’re brave.

Once his white health is gone, Transition from saber attacks to long claw attacks. Long Claw is a powerful one Two hit combo which can be used between each diversionary battle. You should be able to take Varg down in no time with this.

If you get hit by Varg, then don’t worry. He can kill you four hits, but the delay between his combos is long enough for that You can easily drink a potion. That’s what Varg does very forgiving since you don’t have to frantically run away to heal – You can heal without moving.

When Varg starts using his Ultimate Attackall you have to do is move away. It’s as simple as that. It has a pretty short range, So just go ahead and then get back in the fight as soon as it’s safee.

Varg is a skill check more than anything. He’s there to make sure you manage the distraction. Varg is so readable that there’s a good chance you’ll beat him without taking any damage.

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