How To Beat Wendigo In Lovecraft’s Untold Stories 2

Boss fights in Lovecraft’s Untold Stories 2 can sometimes feel like they’re few and far between. Difficult core levels combined with a focus on crafting often results in slow progression. However, once you get to Wendigo, you’ll be prepared for a few comparatively quick boss runs in the near future.

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Of course, you’ll have to overcome Wendigo before anything like that can happen, and that’s easier said than done. Most bosses up to this point have been fairly easy, but Wendigo bucks that trend and ends up becoming one of the harder bosses in the game – period. Get ready for a bloody one-sided encounter.

Wendigo’s attacks

Wendigo has many attacksand these attacks come out fast, deal a lot of damage and can result in a quick death.

attack explanation counter
slow/chill Wendigo chills your character and significantly reduces their movement speed. That’s what makes Wendigo so dangerous. Unless you have the means to combat chill, such as a base gear immunity, you won’t be able to move. Either get the right gear/consumables or bring plenty of healing.
dash attack Wendigo jumps forward and quickly attacks. This attack is only used when Wendigo is about half a screen away. Dodge backwards or sideways to avoid him.
Hit Wendigo hits you for moderate damage. This attack is usually used when you are next to Wendigo. Dodge to avoid damage.
summon rats Wendigo summons a swarm of rats that will appear around you. You don’t have much time to react to this, so the moment you see the red sigils on the ground, dodge and back away. These rats will often surround you, making you a much easier target.
Summon Monsters Wendigo will sometimes summon a large, toothy monster to attack you in addition to rats. This thing has a lot of HP, can do a lot of damage, and inflicts a stun on hit. Kill it as quickly as possible and keep your distance to avoid being stunned.

Wendigo’s mechanics

Wendigo has none really unique Mechanics. His game plan is just too prevent you from moving, and then kill you when you’re vulnerable. It does this either through its own attacks or by summoning smaller creatures to swarm around you.

Which character to use

So mobility is key here Witch, Middleand detective shine the brightest. They all have some sort of movement mechanic that can get them to safety. Be warned that the witch and the medium are bit soggy in terms of PS, so are particularly prone to swarms and killed if caught off guard. The detective also has access to grenades, which are ideal for taking out groups of enemies.

battle strategy

The first thing to note here is that Wendigo wants it lock yourself up with its (and its minions) movement effects. Before you fight Wendigo, You have to decide how to deal with it. Consumables can, if you have access to them, as can special equipment. be immune to stun or Relax can make this fight much easier. Otherwise you need one quite a few healing items to absorb the damage directly.

With this, killing Wendigo is not that difficult. His attacks are simple but numerous. His minions can easily overwhelm she even if you’re not careful. Because of this you wants to focus on his minions from the moment they are called in.

Done with his minionsyou are free to attack Wendigo directlyjust beware of his ability to lunge at you to close the distance. Wendigo regularly summons new minionsso detach from Wendigo when this happens, then focus them before re-engaging.

With wendego below, You can continue.

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