How To Become A Christian From Hindu

Apparently gandhi's rejection of christianity grew out of an incident that happened when he was a young man practicing law in south africa. Once you become part of a hindu temple or organization, you will be expected to participate in puja, or ritual worship.puja ceremonies are most often composed of many different symbolic actions, such as cleansing idols representing hindu deities, making offerings and recitation of spiritual scriptures.

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How can i become a christian? answer:

How to become a christian from hindu. So far you are someone who wants to becomea christian. A few years ago, for example, the senior leader of the world hindu council announced a new goal: A sinner who stops sinning is a sinner still.

When the hebrew people entered the promised land, joshua made plain to them the need for a radical choice among competing loyalties: He had become attracted to the christian faith, had studied the bible and the teachings of jesus, and was seriously exploring becoming a christian. Involve yourself in ritual worship.

Christian & hindu girls become target of clerics in pakistan. And puts it to his forehead. You can also talk to someone you know who's christian and ask them any questions you have about their religion.

I've been a follower of jesus christ for many years, and it's been. It is a sight purshotham patel cannot help contrasting with the magnificence of the building he is about to enter. Like people, stories too often spread out far from their origins, shifting names, generating other stories, which then begin their own migrations

Sukanta naik, a volunteer for the evangelical fellowship of india (efi) who has travelled to odisha for 40 years, said hindu nationalist groups have become very active in indoctrinating tribal people. I went to a school in kathmandu run by jesuit catholic priests. Pcc’s bhatti said the christians girls are threatened that they will be killed for blasphemy and apostasy.

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To make the country 100% hindu. “the christian has not to become hindu or buddhist, nor a hindu or buddhist to become christian. By praying this prayer you have become a christian and your relationship with god has been renewed, you have been reconciled to god.

Picture shows a hindu, a muslim, a christian and a sikh carrying the holy books of their respective religions before giving the oath to newly inducted army personnel at a parade in bengaluru. It represents limitless depths of profundity, a rich history, and an elaborate theology. If you're interested in converting to christianity, you'll want to repent for your sins and be baptized.

Why should a hindu consider becoming a christian? Rather, christian hindus embrace the truth that is found in the person of jesus christ and his life, death and resurrection, while holding on to their vibrant hindu culture. Comparing hinduism and christianity is difficult, in part, because hinduism is a slippery religion for westerners to grasp.

As a hindu, you have great reverence for your sacred scriptures. Living as a christian is a life long commitment to your relationship with god. As any other hindu boy i had grown up fascinated with the stories of rama, the hero of the hindu epic ramayana, and krishna, the hero of the other great hindu epic mahabharata.

However, you must make a choice, because it is impossible to be hindu and christian both at the same time. Nor does one become a christian by a negative attitude toward life, that is, refraining from drinking, smoking, swearing, adultery, idolatry, or kindred sins. The origin of the term “christian” was in the city of antioch in the first century a.d.

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But each must assimilate the spirit of the other, and yet preserve his individuality and grow according to his own law of growth. It is possible that, at first, the term “christian” was intended to be an insult. There i had some exposure to what i thought was the christian religion.

Name nationality notes refs alfred ford (ambarish das) american heir to the ford family fortune And so he decided to attend a church service. This is a list of converts to vedic sanatan hinduism from christianity.

How did this party come into power? How wonderful that you're interested in learning more about christianity. Some even suggest that a person can become a hindu purely by choice or according to the wishes of an enlightened guru without any ceremony.

Every religion has produced men and women of most exalted character. In the receptacle at the door he dips his finger. When a hindu becomes a christian.

The first step to become a christian is to understand what the term “christian” means. I am a hindu, why should i consider becoming a christian? answer: To be a christian, try attending a christian church so you can meet other christians and learn about their beliefs and customs.

The street is lined with rows of pitiful beggars. By “awake!” correspondent in india. What he needs is to become a new person, with a changed, cleansed heart, and a godly nature

You believe in one supreme being, worlds beyond this world, and the cycle of life that includes reincarnation. By becoming christian, converts say, they move outside the caste system and can hopefully become more socially mobile. In india, some parties have long been concerned about dwindling allegiance to hinduism.

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Richard, who spent over 20 years working and studying hinduism and christian ministry among hindus. You accept belief in karma and respect for other faiths. An american newspaper quoted the isis saying, “it is permissible to have intercourse with the female slave who hasn’t reached puberty if she is fit for intercourse.

God has given us eternal life, and this life is in his son. 2 responses to “sir, i am hindu i want to become christian.

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