How to become an active part of the Youth Olympic Games

Volunteers have been an integral part of the success of the Olympic Games from the very beginning.

Now you can be a part of it Gangwon 2024 and make the games possible.

The Organizing Committee of the Youth Olympic Games (YOCOG) is looking for new staff 2,000 volunteers and the recruitment process is still open. you have up May 31, 2023 to submit your application.

There will be three different categories: professionals (who speak fluent English), general (aged 19+) and youth (aged 15-18).

The selected volunteers will work in one of the four competition zones (PyeongChang, Gangneung, Jeongseon, Hoengseong) in very different areas: athlete support, media management, sports management, event/ceremony protocol and regional leadership. You will be provided with uniforms, meals and shuttle buses. Accommodation will also be offered to those living outside the host cities.

What is required to become a volunteer at Gangwon 2024?

All Republic of Korea resident applicants should meet the following requirements:

  • Be prepared to participate in the recruitment process and training, as well as the volunteering period (January 16 – February 2, 2024). A notice: Dates may vary depending on assigned tasks
  • Be at least 15 years old at the time of the competition
  • You can communicate in Korean and English

Please note that applicants based outside of the Republic of Korea are welcome to apply based on the following criteria: you must be at least 19 years old at the start of the games, speak English and have a mobile phone from a Quran telecommunications company (for self-authentication). ).

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The recruitment process is open until May 2023. The first selection process is scheduled to take place between June and July 2023. The interviews will take place between August and October 2023, the basic training is planned for the same period.

YOG volunteers selected to participate will be officially notified by the end of the year October 2023.

How to apply: via Gangwon 2024 official volunteer website (only available in Korean):

About the Gangwon Youth Olympic Games 2024

The fourth edition The Winter Youth Olympic Games take place between January 19 and February 1, 2024 in Gangwon Province, Republic of Korea. It is introduced 15 Olympic sports and a record 1,900 athletes will participate. It will be a complete gender equitable games.

The official mascot is called moongcho It depicts a snowball resulting from a snowball fight between Soohorang and Bandabi, the mascots of the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games.

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