How to Break the Ice Rocks

Do you want to know how to break in the ice stones? Disney Dreamlight Valley? Discover the world of Disney Dreamlight Valley and when completing many quests, you will often encounter obstacles that hinder your progress. And that’s not surprising because the game would be boring if the gameplay was too easy. One of the obstacles that you have to overcome is Ice Rocks. Ice rocks are a more durable version of standard rocks that are more prevalent in the late game. Breaking them is not so easy, because for this you need to meet several conditions. But luckily, you won’t run into this problem too soon, and once you do, you’ll be ready to break the ice Disney Dreamlight Valleyand our guide will help you with that.

How to break the ice rocks in Disney Dreamlight Valley

First of all, it’s worth noting that you can’t break the ice rocks until you’ve met a few story conditions:

  • Unlock Forest of Valor.
  • Next, unlock Frozen Realm in Dream Castle by spending 4000 Dreamlight.
  • Once you can visit the Frozen Realm, go on a quest to unlock Anna and Elsa for Dreamlight Valley.

Once Anna and Elsa become residents of your kingdom, you will receive several new quests, but in this case you are only interested in one of them. Elsa will give you the Breaking the Ice quest, which requires you to craft the Warmth of Summer potion. This potion gives your royal pickaxe heat power and you can smash the ice chunks Disney Dreamlight Valley. But don’t go too far, because first you’ll need to collect the following ingredients to craft the potion:

  • Sunflowers. Look for this material on Dazzle Beach.
  • sugar cane. You can find this material at Dazzle Beach or buy it at Goofy’s Stall.
  • Vial with ocean water. Go to Dazzle Beach and take a short walk. Look for glowing patches of water in the ocean and interact with them to get this material.
  • Garlic. If you visit the Forest of Valor, you can find quite a lot of this plant.
  • Lemons. While you are looking for garlic you will also see small trees with lemons.
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After getting all the materials, go to the workbench to craft the Warmth of Summer potion. Also, according to the quest instructions, you need to cover the pickaxe with a potion to fill it with the power of summer heat. To do this, use Summer Heat from your inventory. Now your pickaxe is hot enough to smash the ice chunks Disney Dreamlight Valley. Thankfully, you no longer need to brew a potion, as the effect your pickaxe gains from the Warmth of Summer potion is permanent.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is available in Early Access for PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch.

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