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How To Cast A Baitcaster With A Light Lure

With these reels, you have more control over where the lure lands, how it lands, and you are connected to the line all the way, so you can feel a strike at any point. The same thing could happen if you are trying to make a long distance cast but the lure is too light.

SHIMANO 2014 BAY GAME 300HG/301HG bait casting reel

Point your rod tip towards your target and rotate your wrist in.

How to cast a baitcaster with a light lure. This gives the angler complete control of how much line is being released off the spool. Choose the right fishing line. Start with enough line out so your lure is aligned with the reel.

The reason that i put the calcutta 51 on this rod is due to weight and also the clearance price that i paid. You'll learn the right way to cast light lures on baitcasting reels. I saw many reviews (even done in japan) but none used a casting machine (not cast by a real person) to do the test.

Tossing light lures can be a challenge without the right baitcasting gear. That is the sign the reel spool is spinning faster than the lure is pulling line off the reel. Some people might find it difficult to use hence, advised to practice more often.

To pitch with a baitcaster follow these easy steps: A pitch is a short underhand cast that is ideal for precision accuracy and quite lure entry. Let the reel, rod, and lure do most of the work.

Casting light lures on a baitcaster can be hard, but not after watching this video. Do this until the lure steadily draws the line out of the spool. How to cast a baitcaster with a light lure.

Light lures may not take the line quickly enough to keep up with the fishing reel, leading to a backlash. The key is to let the spool spin under your thumb but maintain feel so that no loops begin to form. This is about 30 degrees above horizontal, or the 10 o'clock position.

However, do not add much weight, add enough so that you can cast nicely. To end up with a good cast you need a balanced rod and reel that can handle lighter weights. You can cast the majority of bass lures on this size line.

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Egg weight on main line, swivel, leader to a light jig. My favorite light weight lure baitcaster i own is daiwa steez sv 8.1 limited (jdm). With a little practice, your fishing experience will reach a whole new level.

But, you should bear in mind that lure and rod mismatch lower your performance. Here we will review our recommendations for the top baitcasting gear for light lures. Rest the lure in your non dominate hand about 2 feet from the side of the reel;

Exercising patience during your first attempts will take you a long way. You want the rod to provide the power for casting your bait. With the best baitcasting reel, serious bass anglers can drop the lure exactly where they want them!no wonder, they are a winner over spinning reels.unlike the spinning reels, baitcasting reels require some skill.

But you really have to consider the reel, line, rod, and the lure. If you’ve followed all of our previous advice on “how to cast farther with a spinning reel”, but are still needing to gain a few more yards, you may want to think about using a slightly heavier lure. Snap swivel on mainline, small bank sinker on the swivel and leader to bait.

Do not throw the lure with full force; Baitcasters are often paired with heavier backboned rods. When you use a baitcaster for the first time, it’s highly likely that you’ll experience a backlash.

Match the line and lure weight to the rod action. When the lure is too light to feel, you can add some weight to it for good casting. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to cast properly.

The cast you’ll want to use is a long sweeping sidearm cast. This could be discouraging but you got a lot more advantages than having to experience tangled mess line and other negative sides. It won't cast very far at first.

You can feed the float on the line, add the sinker as well. Resist the urge to try and throw the lure hard, use your wrist to cast and not your shoulder or arms. If your casting line is thick, consider changing it to a lighter one to cast further.

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Its not the size of the reel that makes a baitcaster cast light lures its the weight & line capacity of the spool that used in the reel !. If you start with a light lure, you'll end up frustrated. Picking the best ultralight baitcaster you can afford will generally pay dividends.

How to cast a baitcaster with a light lure. That's what causes overrun (backlashes). If i were to do it for freshwater fishing at water level, lighter equipment would be my first choice, if not try a split shot or 2 and place them about 15.

The main aim of using bait is to catch your target, and you must know how to cast it. A hornet won't cast far at all without specialist kit as it's very light and relatively bulky compared to a jighead of the same weight. A good base for a casting set up is 12 lb.

Start off by activating all the centrifugal casting brakes in the baitcaster, turning up the spool tension, using decent sized lure such as a spinnerbait or cod/barra lure or heavier practice plug and avoid casting into the wind while learning. Sweep the rod forward until it reaches eye level. Heavier lures pull on the line for more distance.

Without the right gear your casts will end up too short, or you may end up with backlash. As you do so, lift your thumb off the reel spool enough so that the weight of your bait or lure pulls line off the spool as it is propelled toward the target. Going truly light weight not so long ago meant importing a specialist finesse reel from japan.

Using a light weight lure on a heavy rod with heavy line doesn’t make sense, and it won’t help your ability to cast. For example, if you’re looking to cast or skip a lure/bait into a small section while trying to avoiding branches, logs, docks, etc. Don’t cast overhead and don’t try to power cast because it’s not going to end up very good.

Lighter lines with less diameter perform better. It all has to work as a unit. Take a long, slow, and smooth cast and release the lure a hair before you usually would.

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However, adding weight will cause the lure to go a little deep inside the water. There are many other reasons why baitcasters are experiencing strong fallout. A light lure is hard to cast far compared to a heavier one.

Keep your arm tucked in and embrace a light, smooth lob cast. You may find that you cannot cast the lure very far, but you’ll have very little to no backlash. Small egg weight 1/4 oz on top or the lure.

In additional to casting distance, it's more beautiful (bling bling) than daiwa steez (us). Yes you can cast 5g with a baitcaster, however, there are 5g lures and there are 5g lures. Cast and control the spool with your thumb.

Keeping your arm tucked in securely, release the lure with a slow, long and smooth cast; This is sure to make the question of how to cast a baitcaster with a light lure easy and effortless. You would be surprised by how much farther you’ll be able to cast just by simply switching from a 1/8 oz jig head to a 1/4 oz.

The baitcaster reel rises above the spinning reel.

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