How To Catch A Stray Kitten Yahoo Answers

We gave her some milk and we are going to make a box for her to sleep in. What is the best way to catch a stray cat?

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There's this stray kitten that's been hanging near my yard for a couple of days.

How to catch a stray kitten yahoo answers. Gather a small group of people, all wearing gloves, and find the kitten. Cats share a litter box and most feline diseases are transferred through the litter. I am worried about how he will survive the horrible/cold/snowy winter, without a shelter around for him.

How to catch a stray cat??? This morning he seems much better!! I have never caught a family before, but i can give you some info you can use.

It's not feral (i know what a feral cat is like!) but it's skiddish. Last spring a ferral mom cat had a kitten in our basement which i was able to catch and feed and found a good home for (my own parents took her in). The only problem for the moment is trying to make him relax around us.

We have no idea how old she is or if should be away from her mom (like she is), not getting her mothers milk. At the house next to ours (which is abandoned/ condemned) there is a black cat that recently had a litter of 3 kittens. The kittens dont look to well either, just because they're dirty, but i.

There is a very little, stray, wild kitten living in our window well. The bigger kitten got trapped, and i was there and ushered it into a kennel with food, water, and a litter pan as soon as it triggered it. He is so scared of people, and we want him to.

We’ve been trying to catch them for a month, and have gotten them to warm up to us via tuna. Today when i called her she went to come for her food then a big white tom cat went for her she jumped and it. I can't get within 20 feet from him because he is so skiddish.

5 used to be stray and the other one was from the shelter. I go to gymnastics and at night i see a few kittens and cats there. As a group work to corner the kitten and grab him by the scruff.

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Okay, so i have an outside cat, so i feed him out side, and there is the little kitten that has been eating his food, he doesnt eat that much of it, but i want to catch him to see if he is a stray or a neighbor's cat. It olny comes around nightso we cant see it. Before picking up the other cats you need to take the kitten to the shelter and clean your house so that they don't catch what they have.

It won't let me get within ten feet of it, and it runs off or hides under the neighbor's deck (there's a small opening that it can squeeze into). My mom wants me to catch one of the kittens and bring it into our home. I told my mom that we should put out a box or my old rabbits cage and put some b;akets in it and it might sleep in there would that be a good idea?

Try and set it so the kitten has to sit all the way on it. He ate some meat we left out for him (although he wouldn't eat it in front of us) but is yet to eat any cat food. It always comes back out after a few minutes of hiding, but it still doesn't seem to want anything.

However, he is very afraid of people. If the kitten is sick and you bring in your two cats they they will get sick. P.s ill try to get a picture of her so u can give me your opinion on her age.

It’s been about 24 hours, and it has been warming up to me. They’ve always been so skittish, so i’ve set up a trap for them last night. However, if the are feral (don't like to be touched and won't come too close and run away or stay distant, or even hiss) they will be very hard to catch.

Im trying to catch a stray kitten. You just put a can of food in the back of it and when the litten goes in to eat the food he/she steps on a plate which snaps the cage shut. We have to give him meds two times a day, and two types of eye drops six times a day!!

Make sure the cat actually has to step on the trip mechanism to reach. I have a bucket of water out there, and a bowl of food, which he eats and drinks from. I then used a dog kennel with food and she went inside but when i swung the door shut she ran out pushing against.

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I leave food out before i go to there any way i can cach it without calling a shelter or th aspca? Or even build one or borrow. Today i found a wild kitten in my back yard.

The kitten is not hurt at all and is trapped in there. I need to catch the stray cats around my neighborhood and then have them declawed so that they cannot break into my home and tear up my leather sofa. It has a broken leg and it is terrified of me.

I will release them afterward, so they will be fine. The kitten turned out to be a really cool cat. If it's old enough to be walking around then food is always a great motivator, although if it's still young enough to instinctively desire its mothers milk it won't come to that either.

The mother seems to be in poor condition, doesn't seem to get much food/water. My mom just want a cat, but i have other reasons. They will probably let you pet them easily.

If the kitten is really that young it is still immobile, so it should be very easy to catch manually. Thanks i have already thought of a rabbit trap, but i dont have access to one, and i dont know anyone that might have one Any ideas how to catch a cat it is young and has kittens 2 apparently there was 4.

He eats alot, and drinks!! If they are truly stray, they shouldn't be hard to catch. There is a feral/stray kitten at my church and i would really like to catch him and take him to the vet and possibly the animal shelter.

If that still doesn't work,. We put out food out for it and it ate it all. There is a stray kitten roaming around my house at night.

Well we took the stray kitten to the vet yesterday, and the vet says he seems like he has a little problem with herpes. Make shelter (a nice and warm one by the house)not an animal a dog house. Cats tend to lean way forward to eat.

The other neighbours have also been trying to help it. Please tell me what you think i should do. What's the best way to catch him, and take him to a farm, or possibly.

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These are to catch them individually, i'm sure you can catch all of them one at a time. Hey just to help ya here my cat was stray to she was so young she wasnt even aloud to be away from her mother she was like a week or 2 and well we just kept feeding her food in the backyard because she was in my neighbours so we tryed chasing her through thunderstorms but she was so scared we couldnt catch her so one day we saw her so we got a live bait cage thats does not hurt any animals in. Well the best way to catch a stray cat is to put left over food outside and also try to convinces the cat over to u.

It takes a little patience, but i know you can do it! We used to have many more, either given or stray, but they passed away or ran away. We are leaving food for them but when we try to pet them and pick them up, they just run away in tthe woods.

There is this stray kitten living in our neighborhood. It's been hanging around near my mums garden and was very thin so we put food out for it and it has been eating it so has put on a little weight.

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