How to catch Crabs in DREDGE

Do you want to know how to catch crabs? Dredge? The crabs are present in every body of water in the world, but they need a different approach than any other fish. The main objective of the game is for players to catch crabs for the fishmonger. Players need to catch a new crab order for Fishmonger once they catch Gray Eel and Squid for Fishmonger.

Dredging is a popular method of catching crabs and other shellfish, especially in areas with sandy or muddy bottoms. Dredging involves towing a shovel-like implement called an a Dredge, along the ocean floor, and scoops up any crabs that get in his way. With over 125 deep-sea creatures to discover, players must complete missions to learn more about the tragic past of each region. They should sell their catch to the villagers while keeping an eye out for the fog that covers the night waters.

How to catch crabs in DREDGE

How to catch crabs in DREDGE

You need a crab pot, which you throw into the water to catch crabs. Then check it out a day or two later. Catching crabs in a Dredgeyou need to follow some simple instructions.

First, make sure you know the local shrimp fishing regulations to avoid penalties and environmental damage. Then select the appropriate type Dredge for your area’s crab and seabed conditions.

Then identify the areas where crabs are present, e.g. B. near rocks or structures, and lower them Dredge slowly to the seabed. Make sure it is level and not dragging along the floor. pull that Dredge slowly and carefully across the seabed, being careful not to injure other marine life or the seabed.

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After a few minutes, gently lift Dredge back to the surface and check if any crabs have been caught. If this is the case, remove them carefully so as not to damage them. Also any other marine life that may have been caught in the net.

Lastly, repeat the dredging process until you’ve caught as many crabs as you need. On the other hand, you can repeat the process until you reach the legal limit for your area. When you’re done, make sure you tidy up all the equipment. Also, clean the equipment used and dispose of any unwanted catch or by-catch in accordance with local regulations.


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Note that each time you take out your boat you will need to bring in a different catch. It is important to have a variety of fishing rods and fishing gear. For example, before you leave the starting area, you will encounter different water depths, from shallow to near the coast. Being able to fish all the potential locations you come across will increase the profits from your catch. This is because one of the main goals is to sell fish and maximize your profits.

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