How to Change the Time Zone on Your iPhone

Traveling with your iPhone or moving to a new place? Learn how to switch time zones on your iOS device.

The date and time displayed on your iPhone is determined by the time zone settings. So when you travel to another country, it’s important to change your iPhone’s time zone to have the right information.

There are two ways to change the time zone on your iPhone. You can let your iPhone do the work automatically, or manually change it yourself. We’ll go through both methods below.

How to change the time zone on your iPhone automatically

You can ensure that you always have the correct time zone by activating Set automatically option on your iPhone. Set Automatically detects your current location and changes your iPhone’s time zone accordingly. It also works for places that have daylight saving time.

To enjoy this handy iPhone feature, just go to Settings > General > Date & Time and turn on Set automatically.

If the time zone The panel continues to load and does not display a selected region. You must return to the main page settings Side. Go to Privacy & Security > Location Services. Switch location services unless.

Then scroll down and tap system services. Switch Set time zone. Well if you go back appointment timesee the selected city and time zone.

How to change the time zone on your iPhone manually

If you prefer to keep more privacy on your smartphone and don’t want to have location services turned on, you can manually change the time zone on your iPhone.

Go to Settings > General > Date & Time and turn off Set automatically. Next, tap the time zone set up, Enter the city name and select from the list.

If the Set automatically option is grayed out and you cannot turn it off, there are two possible solutions. First, you may need to turn off Screen Time on your iPhone. To do this, go back to the main menu settings Side. Then tap Screen Time > Turn off Screen Time.

Another solution is to update your iPhone to the latest version of iOS. in the settingsgo to General > Software update to check if an update is available for your device.

If these two fixes don’t work for you, it may be because your carrier, country or region doesn’t allow you to switch between automatic and manual. Even if the iPhone has been configured with an enterprise profile, such setting changes may not be allowed due to device restrictions.

Change your iPhone time zone easily

If you travel a lot, it’s best to let your iPhone change the time zone automatically. This way you won’t miss an important itinerary, event or work meeting when you are in different regions of the world.

However, if you prefer to change the time zone manually or prioritize your privacy, you can do the same with your iPhone. For both methods, make sure you have the correct settings that we have discussed on your device so that you can easily change your iPhone time zone.

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