How to claim missing Amex statement credits

One of the great things about credit cards is that some give you bank statement credit to do the things you enjoy for free. This includes perks like Global Entry, Uber rides, and streaming services.

But one of the biggest frustrations is keeping track of those statements to make sure they’re posting correctly and giving you the discount you deserve.

American Express offers the most bank statements of any major issuer. Given the amount you might have at your disposal, it can be difficult to keep track of. That’s why we have a monthly checklist of credit card benefits you should take advantage of.

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But what happens when those credits aren’t posted properly? Here’s how to request missing bank statements from Amex.

Make sure you qualify for the statement credit

Before assuming you’re missing a statement credit, first make sure you’re eligible for that credit. Many American Express statements require prior registration for the benefit. So if you didn’t sign up for the benefit before you made your purchase, you may be surprised to find that you are not eligible for a statement credit.

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Here’s an overview of some benefits that require you to sign up in advance to receive statements from Amex:

So if you make a purchase from one of these merchants, you may not get the statement credit you expected unless you signed up for the benefit in advance.

How to request your missing Amex bank statements

Before contacting Amex, make sure you have the information about the merchant, the purchase amount, and the date it was credited to your account. To find these details, log into your American Express account online or via the app.

Next, navigate to the card that was charged for the purchase and open the Statements and Activities page. Then scroll down until you find the appropriate fee, date and amount. Then look at all other charges in the same month to see if you received the statement credit associated with your purchase.

If you are certain that you are entitled to a statement credit and have waited long enough, you can request your missing credits from American Express as follows.

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There are two ways to contact Amex: you can use the online chat feature or you can call the number on the back of your card.

It took 12 days to receive my Walmart+ credit in March, but I received the credit on the same day in June. AMERICANNEXPRESS.COM

When you speak to a customer service representative, mention that you are missing statement credits and be specific about what benefit they relate to. Enter the date of the debit for which you have not received any corresponding credit notes.


In both July and August, I did not receive any billing credits for my Walmart+ membership, which is a perk of The American Express Platinum Card®. Apparently, this was a broader problem, as reported by Doctor of Credit. However, the chat rep said billing should be fixed starting September 2022. My chat session to resolve the missing credits took less than five minutes from start to finish.

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If you decide to call, the conversation model remains the same. Explain the missing credits and the date of the corresponding debit and then request the credit from the person you are talking to.

Most likely, one of two things will happen during your conversation. It is possible that the customer service representative will ask you to wait longer before they can post the credit for you manually. If so, ask how long you should wait for the credit to post to your account before contacting Amex again for further assistance.

It is also possible for the representative to credit your account while speaking to you. If so, ask how long you should wait for them to appear.

Either way, keep that schedule in mind and ask what you should do next if things don’t go as planned. I usually ask, “If the credits don’t show up by then, what should I do?”

bottom line

When technology works as expected, life is great. You sign up for a benefit offered by your credit card, make the related purchase, and a few days later a statement credit is posted to your bill.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work that way. The good news here is that claiming your missing Amex bank statements isn’t too difficult. The most time efficient way to get your missing bank statements is through Amex’s online chat feature.

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