How To Clean A Furnace Sensor

They do get dirty, so require cleaning. No malfunction, no repair needed.

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Reconnect the wire to the sensor terminal.

How to clean a furnace sensor. The power supply should be cut off. How to clean the burn sensor on your furnace. Some have their tips bent at a different angle, or not bent at all.

When you’ve finished cleaning the sensor, reseat it in the burner housing and secure it with the mounting screw. Even though you remember to wipe and clean the external parts of your gas furnace, you hardly realize that the internal components, especially the flame. Gently rub the metal rod coming from the sensor with either very light sandpaper, steel wool or emery cloth until the soot has been rubbed off.

Residential furnace maintenance serving customers from arlington to renton and bellevue to shoreline, including seattle, redmond, bothell, edmonds, lynnwood, everett, marysville, mill creek, woodinville, kirkland, mercer island and the surrounding area. The sensor might have dirt and soot deposits on its body, and it might have turned greenish. Hold the can upright 12 inches from the ceramic ignitor.

But their efficiency can be affected by several factors, mainly if the furnace has not been cleaned for a while. Ideally, you want to call a professional hvac cleaner to clean your flame sensor. Just remove one sensor and replace it with a new sensor.

The first thing you should check that you have is the necessary equipment. You may need to replace the sensor, in which case you can follow these same instructions with the exception that no sanding is involved; Just turning off the thermostat isn't enough.

Regularly cleaning the burn sensor (aka flame rod) on your home’s furnace is a great way to ensure that it’s working properly and using energy efficiently and you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to do it. Remove this using the screwdriver. If you decide to try to clean a dirty sensor yourself, you should know that there are essentially five steps:

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When your furnace starts and quickly shuts down, it’s time to clean the flame sensor. If the filter is dirty, replace it, or clean it with soap and water if it’s not disposable. Tap the release button on the can to send a few short bursts of air onto the ignitor to clean away any dust.

I was told to use sand paper or emery cloth then i was told by another to use steel wool because emery cloth or sand paper would just damage the sensor? On some furnaces, it may be necessary to remove the burner plate to access the flame sensor. A dirty flame sensor is a common service repair.

Unless the insulator is cracked, or the rod is damaged, burned up, etc, the flame sensor doesn’t go bad, it is just a conductor. If cleaning your flame sensor did not work, it’s possible that the sensor is broken and that the furnace is operating as it should. Remove this screw and the flame sensor should easily slide out so you can clean it.

As long as the component senses the flame, it sends a message to the main furnace control board telling it to keep the main burner on and the gas valve open. If you’re willing to risk $120 and buy all three parts ahead of time, you may be able to fix your own furnace in less than an hour and save a $125 service call. And the most neglected part of your gas furnace is might be the flame sensor.

The flame sensor is one of the most delicate parts of the furnace and has to be handled with care. The flame sensor is a thin metallic rod attached with a single screw below the burner. Depending on which furnace repair company you call, you might be faced with the decision to simply clean the flame sensor rather than replace it.

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Reposition the access panel and secure it with the mounting screws or retaining knobs as required. How to clean a flame sensor. Your readings should be 1.5 to 4 ua (some manufacturer’s control systems only need 0.5 ua, so check the manual for the system you’re testing).

What can i use to clean a furnace flame sensor? Insert the straw taped to the side of the can of compressed air into the nozzle of the can. Just follow the instructions found in this guide to get your furnace running smooth.

A clean flame sensor in your gas furnace means an efficient heating system. The sensor should be attached to the furnace with a metal mounting bracket and a single screw. How to clean a furnace flame sensor.

How to clean a furnace flame sensor. Dan has been in the hvac industry for 23 years with experience ranging from installation and service to sales and distribution. Turn off the power to your furnace.

How to clean trane xe80 flame sensor? Turn the gas supply back on and restore power to the furnace. Before working on the furnace, make sure to turn off the unit completely and shut off the electric power to the furnace at the breaker box.

If your furnace seems to shut down on its own and no longer works as efficiently, chances are, your flame sensor needs to be cleaned. Securely put it back into place. If your furnace flame sensor has become dirty with build up, the furnace won't function properly.

Keeping the sensor clean is simple and requires just a few tools when you follow these easy steps. Just warm air for maximum indoor comfort. Cleaning the flame sensor with sandpaper can make it more difficult for the component to successfully sense the flame.

This will include the proper tools. Gas furnaces are efficient hvac system altogether. Next, remove the old sensor from the furnace.

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Removing the flame sensor only requires a screwdriver. Some hvac companies will offer you the option of just cleaning it, while others don’t consider it worth mentioning, since it is at best a temporary solution. The furnace door can be opened easily, and once opened, you can access the internal part of the furnace.

We will clean the furnace flame sensor if it’s due for maintenance. Do not use sandpaper to clean the flame sensor rod. It is likely that your flame sensor problem can be fixed with a simple cleaning.

Hi i was wondering what the proper material is to clean a flame sensor? Hook up your multimeter in series with the flame sensor and the sensor wire, and fire the furnace in a heat cycle. Before you start working on the furnace, you need to cut the power.

Thats what makes you trane xe80 sensor become dirty.

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