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How To Clean Engine Bay After Mudding

Feb 18, 2010 view count: My question really centers around the electrical connections in the engine bay.

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Alternator, serp belt, fan assy, wiring, battery, and the eng bay walls were all covered.

How to clean engine bay after mudding. Under the hood i love purple power myslef and like said soak the radiator and fan and block then with a garden hose and watch where you spray and clean the radiator from inside to out. I turn the engine off after about 10 minutes (no the truck is not finished being washed). In fact, when an engine is clean aesthetically, it can cool more.

If anything as someone mentioned, a damp rag will clean up the plastics pretty good. Once everything has gotten wet, give it all a good spraying of degreaser (any automotive degreaser works). Now that we are in agreement that your rig needs to be cleaned asap after driving through mud, here’s how to do it:

One day after mudding, my truck said my battery wasn’t charging, and my truck died shortly after. Gunk engine degreaser works pretty good on a nasty engine bay. The method the op described sounds fine for mud and dust.

Get out your good old garden hose back out and rinse your engine. Your name or email address: It will knock the mud off much easier, and you can use it to clean the driveway afterward.

I then apply son of a gun protectant to the bay and to a rag and wipe it all down. But as long as you foloow those steps, you should be good. This is a nice tip that will keep a stylish jeep or power wagon from getting too mashed up in the mud.

A quick degreasing every year or two will help keep your engine looking clean with no. Just for a little added insurance, i cover up the front diff breather tubes and the alternator before hosing everything down. I try to keep the water away from the intake to the carb and the electrical stuff.

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I clean my engine bay when the engine is cold. Many owners simply use a hose, brush, and towel and carefully clean the engine bay. ^^^if there is already grease build up before the mudding then it would make sense to use degreaser to clean it all off.

But when i got out and checked the majority of the engine bay was covered in droplets of muddy/silty water, needless to say i was pretty upset since the truck is so new. Best way to clean engine after mudding i take mine to the car wash and blast it with the motor running. When everything is clean and coated, i wipe it down again with a dry/slighty damp rag.

I put a new battery in and it started right up. I have been told in the past that the high pressure could force water into areas where it normally wouldn't from a hose or normal road spray. My engine bay was absolutely caked in mud, including the alternator and battery.

It just makes mud removal easier. So my jeep is pretty well stock besides a few of the cheaper and diy mods. After 2 washes he's lookin alright, but the engine bay is all dry mud.

This has only happened to a handfull of people with fj's and v6 engine's after some water crossing/ mudding/cleaning. I want to just get in it with the hose and spray it off, but should i cover anything, avoid spraying certain thing, does it matter if the engines hot ect. I then start the engine, close the hood and finish washing the truck.

A sprinkler under the engine and under the vehicle is an awesome way to get alot of mud and drit cleaned off. The electronics like the fuse box are sealed pretty good. Do it when the engine isn't smoking hot and drive it a little after, when you park leave the hood open for a while.

Do not blast the water into the engine area and do not saturate any one area too much, especially around the air cleaner. No, create an account now. I have a bit of an overheating issue because of the mud in the radiators, but i know how to over come that.

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• use a pressure washer on the exterior. • use a hose and soap on the engine compartment. If you’re the type who likes to maintain a clean engine bay, use a waterless car wash like the aero cosmetics waterless wash and wax in between cleaning with water and soap.

No real problem just the noise. Until it died 2 days later. I don't go mudding in my '14 at all unlike my 98 so i don't really need to pressure wash the engine bay.

Also check under the hood, possibly rinse down the engine bay. I had a thread about 2 weeks ago on this, and from what i got as replies and what i tried, engine degreeser does not work on mud, self power washer ftw, and if you have a picture of a battery on your gauge (the result the last time i went mudding and cause for my thread). Do you already have an account?

Took roscoe (my tj) through more mud than i wanted to clean. The underbody as well had been coated in mud. +1, use a regular hose and cover up important electrical parts.

Cleaning your 4wd after a mudding session. (this was after pressure washing my engine bay of my old jeep after mudding and having to bring it to the dealer under warranty for new sensors) Once it's sat for the time period.

First water the engine bay down with just your regular garden hose. This will keep the engine bay clean. • many jeepers recommend using the simple green brand of cleaners.

2011 crew max, magnetic gray metallic, 5.7l, sr5, 4×4 added: Not to make you worry but when i cleaned out my engine bay last november i got a squeel that stayed with my vehicle upon start up to engine off. Maybe once after the spring because of the pollen.

One owner i spoke with said he left his engine running and pressure washed his engine bay. Cleaning a rig is a chore at the best of times but it’s especially challenging after mud driving. Clean engine bay after mudding.

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You need to clean it as soon as possible before the mud dries up. Once or twice a year is enough. Spray the whole engine bay with no touch tire care and wipe off excess.

After i'm done, i start it up, let it idle for a few, then take it for a short hop on the interstate to dry it out. Contrary to popular belief or whatever your crazy uncle says, engines don’t need dirt or oil on them to work properly. There are no comments to display.

After mudding care and questions we do not get a lot of rain so this was a rare treat and i could not wait to get it offroad to splash around in the mud. I got it to the mechanic and he said the alternator had died. The key to making this project simple is not letting your engine compartment get too dirty in the first place.

Dilute the concentrate with water in a spray bottle, apply liberally, and wipe dry with a microfiber towel. A lot of dealers recommend steam cleaning and covering electronics with plastic bags.

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