How To Clean Eyelash Extensions Without Brush

On the right we have the angled style brush. Before your client leaves the shop, make sure they are equipped with these tips to clean and maintain their eyelash extensions!

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You may end up rubbing and tugging, which puts stress on your extensions.

How to clean eyelash extensions without brush. Not only does this mean your lashes will look better for longer, you will also keep your eyes healthy by getting rid of any bacteria. Methods to remove eyelash extensions. If you have a habit of wearing foundation, primer and compact, it is best you remove all those before cleaning out the lashes.

Eyelash extensions are made up of silk, synthetic, human, or animal hair. Pour in the distilled water leaving a little space to be able to shake the contents of the bottle easily. Waterproof mascara is harder to remove.

Most eyelash extension pros will offer up a free spoolie wand with application but if not, you can find them at your local drugstore for cheap. They are used to give volume and lusher look to the eyelashes. Maintaining eyelash extensions is more comfortable than a lot of people will think.

If you must wear it, do not reach for a waterproof formula. The shape of the brush. You have to be gentle while applying the foam to your eyes, and then the product will gently clean your extensions.

Because extensions are stuck on with an adhesive, the key to removing them at home involves breaking down that adhesive. How to clean eyelash extensions without a brush. This masterpiece effectively cleans lashes and results best when applied before applying the extension’s glue.

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Oils have the ability to cut through the extension glue and loosen the. How do i clean eyelash extensions? When applied correctly, extensions are adhered at the base of the natural lash, therefore, brushing them too close to the base can cause the lashes to lift and come off prematurely.

Unlike cotton products or towels, our ultra soft lash cleansing brush won’t catch on extensions, saving your client’s from painful premature lash loss. You should rinse your eyelashes in clean water and then brush once dry with a disposable mascara brush. To clean eyelash extensions, start by wetting your lashes with warm water.

It goes without saying, but your client should use a mild cleanser daily to remove excess debris and oils. Shake the bottle and blend everything together. Use a cleanser designed for eyelash extensions and apply it to the eyelashes gently, without rubbing.

Pour some of the cleanser into the lid (or other form of bowl) dip your brush into the cleanser The soft cotton tips won’t damage your lashes (if you. Cleaning eyelash extensions properly is your best strategy for prolonging their life.

Let's talk about the different styles. Get the brush, and brush off the dirt, dust, and lint from the top of the lashes. Micellar water without any oiliness is considered the best to clean eyelash extensions.

Oil free eye make up remover for eyelash extensions. Wet your lashes with warm water. Get yourself a lash cleansing brush (looks a little like a thick eyeshadow brush), or any other similar soft brush;

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Your extensions have enough volume and length that you don’t need mascara. This is how you would brush to separate and clean off your eyelash extensions. Your eyelash cleanser is ready for use!

Add one tablespoon of baby shampoo and 1 teaspoon of baking soda in the empty foaming pump bottle. It provides a longer extension of life without damaging them. If you’re looking for the best way to clean eyelash extensions then keep following along.

They collect lint and dust. Overall, with regular maintenance, you can maximize the life of their lash extensions. You can see on the left there is the round style brush.

Rinse with fresh water until all product is removed. Daily brushing with a disposable or reusable lash brush can remove any excess debris that gets caught in long lashes throughout the day. They actually can put more lint and dust on the eyelash extensions.

The improper application will lead to falling out of lashes. Eyelash extensions have the power to completely change your beauty routine. How to clean eyelash extensions.

A typical eyelash comb) to brush through your lash extensions and keep them from looking scraggly. You want to get all that off to keep them clean. Do not use a spooly or eyelash comb.

Know what to clean your eyelash extensions with! Never rub back and forth as this will be too harsh on the lash extensions. When trying to keep the eyelash extensions clean and dust free, do not use a mascara wand (spooly).

It is a great alternative tool to use because it’s something that you might already have at home. Once it is dissolved, you should be able to gently brush or slide off your extensions. Use a spoolie wand (vs.

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How to clean eyelash extensions: Brushing eyelash extensions can work wonders if you want to extend the life of your lashes! You need to look down, brush off from the lash line especially after you’ve worn an eyeshadow or powder.

I love using a brush for cleaning the eye makeup gently than cotton as it can tug around your eyes. The cleanser has a free applicator brush to clean the extensions and a mascara wand to brush off the extensions when dried completely. It comes with a small brush and eyelash wash to care for extensions.

These brushes are so soft, durable, and great for individual use.

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