How to Clean Your Kitchen (for Real This Time)

Sure, you do the dishes after dinner and even reorganized your pantry last month. But when was the last time you cleaned your coffee maker? Or your dishwasher filter? Did you even know your dishwasher has a filter that you should clean? Let’s be honest: we didn’t do it. That’s where this squeaky clean guide comes in. Think of it as your cheat sheet for a kitchen so clean it would sparkle if it were a cartoon. We’ve rounded up the nooks and crannies you definitely don’t scrub often enough (we’re right there with you), plus the tools to get the job done, including dish sponges you can trust and a cleaning product we’d marry , if we could .

Here are cleaning tips for a week—or spread them out over a few weeks if you prefer. Turn on some tunes, grab a pair of rubber gloves and let’s get started.


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Whether it’s a dripping jelly jar or a head of broccoli shedding blooms, our refrigerators can take a beating. Thank God the chaos is hiding behind closed doors – but eventually enough is enough. This is how you give your refrigerator the fresh start it deserves.

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Our favorite cleaning products range from high-tech robot vacuums to lo-fi steel wool. But they all have one thing in common: our editors use these soaps, brushes and brooms either at home or in the Bon Appétit test kitchen.

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Blame the rotisserie chicken, the crispy bacon, the Thanksgiving turkey. Your oven is covered in sticky drips and stubborn splatters that won’t leave town. But they will! With these proven techniques.

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If you have a garbage disposal, you not only know how often they come in handy, but also how awful they can smell. Even the cleanest kitchen is ruined by a smelly sink. Let’s brush it up, shall we?

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Sure, I have real, live, human friends, but sometimes I think Bar Keepers Friend is my best friend of all.

Photo by Isa Zapata, prop styling by Emma Ringness

No matter what type you have (heavy-duty gas range or sleek, shiny induction), chances are your stovetop is kind of dirty. After all, you probably use it more than most other devices, for pasta, stews, stir-fries and more. Let’s learn how to clean any type of stovetop.

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