How To Clear Cookies Every Time You Close Your Browser

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You may be aware of the practice of regularly deleting the local data stored by your browser, including cookies– those small files that can store your preferences, personal information, and other information that helps websites know who you are. If you don’t want to do this manually all the time, there are ways to trick your browser into emptying its cookie collection every time you close the program.

It’s worth considering what cookies do before you change anything: not only are they potentially a privacy issue, but they’re designed to make your browsing experience more enjoyable. As you will discover if you remove them, they track information about your logins, where in the world you are, how you set up certain websites, and so on.

In other words, if you delete cookies every time you close your browser, it means that you repeatedly log into websites and find that temporary data, such as B. the contents of your shopping cart, do not persist between sessions. It’s up to you whether you put privacy concerns before convenience and want to delete those files every time your browser is closed.

Exactly what is stored in cookies varies from site to site, so it’s difficult to say definitively. It can be anything from a targeted ad profile to a specific region you want weather reports from. If you are not sure whether you want cookies or not, you can always try to temporarily activate the automatic removal of cookies: you will then quickly get an idea of ​​the difference it makes to your browsing.

As you work through these options, you’ll also see references to different types of cookies: First Party Cookiesset by the website you are visiting and Third party cookieswho are not. The latter are most commonly associated with advertising and observe your behavior as you move through the Internet and You may wish to treat first-party and third-party cookies separately.

We’ve covered the process for automatically deleting cookies in four of the most popular browsers below, but if your preferred browser isn’t included, you should find a similar option somewhere in the program settings.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome screenshot

screenshot: Google Chrome

Click the three dots in the top-right corner of the Chrome interface, then select Ideas. Choose privacy and security, then Clear browser data: Here you can manually delete all cookies that the browser has stored for a certain period of time (from the last hour to the time you installed Chrome) once. Just make sure Cookies and Other Website Data is checked before clicking delete data.

Back on the privacy and security menu you can select cookies and other website data. On this page you can choose whether only third-party cookies or all types of cookies should be saved in the first place, which is a way of protecting your privacy. Alternatively, turn on Clear cookies and site data when you close all windows Toggle switch that clears them when you close Chrome.

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge screenshot

screenshot: Microsoft Edge

In Microsoft Edge, click the three dots in the top right corner of the interface and select IdeasThen Cookies and site permissions. Choose Manage and delete cookies and website data, and you can then prevent cookies from being logged at all, either entirely or on a site-by-site basis. There is also a Delete on exit Option that allows you to select specific websites whose cookies should be deleted when Edge is closed.

To have all cookies cleared when Edge shuts down, you must select Privacy, Search and Services of the Ideas blackboard, and then Choose what to clear each time you close the browser. In addition to cookies, you can also delete browser history, passwords and other data and block certain websites if necessary. To perform a manual, one-time wipe, you must click Choose what to delete of the Privacy, Search and Services book page.

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox screenshot

screenshot: Mozilla Firefox

If Mozilla Firefox is your preferred browser, you need to click on the three horizontal lines in the upper right corner and then select Ideas And Privacy & Security. Click on delete data and it will be you able to clear all cookies currently stored by Firefox, as well as other types of cached data. If you want to delete cookies from a specific website instead, click manage dataselect the site and then click Remove Selected.

If Firefox does all this for you automatically when it shuts down is as simple as ticking the marked box Clear cookies and site data when Firefox closes. If there are certain websites that you trust that require cookies, please select them manage exceptions and it will be you able to list the specific sites tHere.

Apple Safari

Apple Safari screenshot

screenshot: Apple Safari

When it comes to Apple Safari, open the safari menu and select Ideas, and then go to the Privacy tab. You will see there is one Block all cookies Check box that does exactly that when selected. IWhen you click manage website data, you can also Also, manually delete cookies for specific websites if necessary.

unfortunately, There is still no way to clear cookies from Safari when you close the browser. You must either block them first or delete them manually as we have detailed above. You can also Conduct your Safari browsing in private windows, which means cookies are not stored persistently.

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