How to Clear Queue on Spotify Using iPhone, Android, and Desktop

Do you change songs based on mood or work? If this is the case, you may have a lot of songs queued on Spotify to play. But what if you accidentally queued up a song you don’t like, or you just want to hear something different? Well, Spotify offers you an easy way to clear the queue. In this article, we will show you how to clear your Spotify queue.

How to Clear Queue on Spotify

If you’re unfamiliar, a Spotify queue is basically a lineup, or sequence, of songs in order. When you add a track to your queue in Spotify, it means that track will be played next. One thing to note here is that the Add to Queue option on Spotify is accessible to premium users, not free users. That is, a free user can queue the song, but cannot edit or view the queue.

In addition, you can arrange the songs to play according to your preference by clicking the queue button in the Spotify player > long-press and slide the three-line button to the right of the song. Now let’s see how to remove queue on Spotify.

Tip: If you are someone who has a library of songs on your device, you can also upload them using Spotify.

How to Remove Queue on Spotify Mobile App

There are two ways to clear queues on Spotify and both are straightforward. The best part is that the steps are pretty much the same for both Android and iPhone. So join us.

1. Remove a song from Spotify queue on iPhone and Android

Step 1: Open the Spotify app on Android or iOS and tap on the player to open the currently playing song.

step 2: Tap on the queue icon (three lines) in the bottom right corner.

Step 3: Select the song from the list that you want to remove.

step 4: Finally, tap the Remove button.

This will remove the one song you don’t want to play at the moment. Note that this will not remove tracks from a playlist you are currently playing.

But what if you want to dequeue multiple songs? Well, follow along.

2. Delete all songs from Spotify queue

Before we start the steps, it is important Note that when playing tracks from your playlist, you cannot completely clear the queue with one click. You have to select the songs you want to remove from the queue and then remove them. However, if you have added songs to your queue manually, follow the steps below to delete all songs from the queue.

Step 1: Open the Spotify app on Android or iOS.

step 2: Tap the player to open the currently playing song, then tap the queue icon (three lines) in the lower-right corner.

step 3: Click the Clear Queue button next to Next in Queue.

That’s all. Clicking Clear Queue will remove the songs in that section from the queue without a reconfirmation dialog box.

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How to Clear Spotify Queue on Desktop and Web

If you’re using Spotify on desktop or web, things change slightly. Follow the instructions to learn how to clear queues on Spotify desktop or web.

Tip: Check out how to view lyrics on Spotify.

1. Remove individual songs from Spotify queue on Mac and Windows

Step 1: Open the Spotify app on your desktop or web browser and cClick on the queue icon (three lines) in the lower right corner.

Open the Spotify app on the desktop

step 2: Go to the three-dot menu icon and Select the Remove from Queue option.

Go to the three dot menu icon

And there you have it. The selected song will be removed from your queue. Similar to the Spotify app for Android and iOS, the song you dequeue will only be skipped and not removed from your playlist. So do not worry!

2. Remove all Spotify queued songs

Similar to the mobile app, you cannot clear the queue with one click when playing your playlist. However, if you have added songs to your Spotify queue manually, you can delete all songs at once. Here’s how to do it.

Step 1: Open the Spotify app on your desktop or web browser and cClick on the queue icon (three lines) in the lower right corner.

Open the Spotify app on the desktop

step 2: Click the Delete button (for desktop client) or Delete Queue button (for web player) at the top of the Next in Queue list.

Click the Delete button

step 3: Click Yes on the prompt to delete your queue.

Click Yes to delete your queue

That’s it. Your Spotify queue is now empty. If you want to go one step further, you can also delete your Spotify listening history.

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frequently asked Questions

1. Can you queue podcasts on Spotify?

Yes, putting podcasts on Spotify works just like putting songs.

2. Why can’t I see my queue on Spotify?

If you are not a Premium subscriber, you will not be able to see the queue on Spotify. However, if you are subscribed to Premium and still cannot see the queue, it could be an error. Try clearing app data and signing in. This should fix the problem.

3. How long does a recently played song stay on Spotify?

Users can view their song and podcast history for the last three months through the “Recently Played” feature.

Keep spinning new music

Spotify is known for its music discovery, and it’s quite common for everyone to add new songs to the queue without disrupting the entire playlist. When you land on good music, you can add it to your playlist, and if it’s not the music you like, you know how to clear the Spotify queue and move on to something better.

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