How To Clear The Rockslide In Potion Permit

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  • Talk to the residents of Moonbury
  • Finding the materials for the nets

Potions Permission does a great job of dripping new mechanics and new concepts into you, usually through events and quests. But sometimes you have to be a little more proactive. Like the rockslide you may have seen at Meadow Range?

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Yes, it’s up to you to deal with it. And it’s worth the effort. The clearance of the landslide is a service to the city and yourself, as this will give you access to new resources, including trees and rocks that are much more suitable for obtaining wood and stone.

Start the quest

After your first few days in Moonbury, you’re probably wondering how to broaden your horizons a little. Once you have passed your first exam and received the first badge of recognition from Myer the mayor, you can begin this quest.


Head to the eastern parts of the Meadow Range and you’ll come across a rock fall. Forrest and Bubble will be there and let you help them.

Talk to the residents of Moonbury

The first phase of this quest is to talk to different people by going to certain places at certain times. You will encounter cutscenes and an updated quest log for your troubles in these locations.

  • First, go to the tavernwhere you will be taken to the conversation in a cutscene Ottmar. Apparently he makes very strong nets that could clear the landslide.
  • Ottmar usually stays near the beach shop northwest of Moonbury, but is not always there.

If you’ve already made Ottmar’s acquaintance, you can Use your dog’s NPC finder feature to find him. Just call your dog and then select Ottmar’s name from the list of NPCs your dog can find. Follow your dog to Ottmar.

Once you locate Ottmar, he will task you with bringing him certain materials.

Finding the materials for the nets

Ottmar needs three materials to craft the web for you:

material How to purchase
3 honey drops of honey honeypaws, the bear-like monsters in Meadow Range. You may not always drop them, so you may have to hunt for honey in more than one day.
5 basil basil grows in Meadow Range, it is a green plant with brown tips. Use the scythe to reap it.
5 mushrooms Mushrooms grow in Meadow Range. Use the scythe to harvest them.

Once you have all the required materials, bring them back to Ottmar. After a short cutscene, he will provide you with the web you want.

Removal of the landslide

With the web, you’re only halfway to clearing the rockfall and unlocking a whole new area to explore. In addition to the Internet, you will need the following resources:

  • 1,500 golds
  • 175 lumber
  • 225 stone

At this point, your ability to gather these resources is fairly limited. Here are some tips:

  • Chop down every tree and break every stone you encounter every day, use the spa to re-energize when needed. It’s free!
  • Not feel tempted update your tools only – once you unlock the next area, your ability to gather wood and rocks will increase tremendously.
  • Save as much money as possible from your patients and from quests. Check the job board at City Hall and taking care of whatever jobs the townsfolk give you are great early-game ways to earn some cash.
  • If you have them Letter box unlocked, spend a day make potions and Do you sell is an easy way to get the money.

When you have everything you need, just go to the rock fall and turn in the items. You’ll be treated to a cutscene where most of the Meadow Range will open up to you. Grab the nearby teleport point and start exploring!

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