How to Collect All Weapons

Lil Gator game is a short and cute little game where players build the ultimate playground adventure. Along the way, players must get help from friends, help others, collect building materials, take on fake cardboard monsters, and collect items.

While there are different types of collectibles in this cute little indie RPG video game, players will most likely want to get their hands on as many guns as possible. These adorable items range from a magic wand, wooden sword and cane to a pipe wrench; they are scattered all over the islands.

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Guns in Lil Gator game

Guns don’t actually do much Lil Gator game, but each has a unique look that goes with everything else the little alligator hero wears. There are 12 of these weapons in total, and most are found by completing quests, collecting junk, and exploring the area. Players need all 12 to play this indie game 100%.

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The staff weapon and the wooden sword

Lil Gator Game How To Collect All Weapons Stick

In the tutorial, while the main non-binary character of Lil Gator game getting their friends to help set up some epic quests to give them their first weapon, shield, and hat, players will be locked on the first island. There are two weapons players can grab immediately; You just have to keep an eye out for Jill. Jill is the dog, and she’ll be hanging out at the picnic tables north of where players start the game.

Go past where Big Sis is sitting on the bench and jump the fence, then the second fence. Jill will be right there, surrounded by “monsters”. Walk past her and follow the dirt path up the hill past the green slimes. There will be a sign saying “Please do not jump on the ledges” but don’t listen. After jumping up the ledges, players follow the path slightly to the right. In this game full of whimsical children, there are a lot of monsters and a pile of stones in which the stick is buried.

Lil Gator Game How To Collect All Weapons Wood Sword

Take the stick and then go back to Jill. After “rescuing” them, go back to the cairn where the stick was found. Players will encounter Franny, a duck searching for the stick she buried in the cairn. Tell her the truth that it was the alligator hero who stole it and she’ll let the players keep the stick and also give them a real wooden sword in this cute RPG for kids.

The brush weapon

Lil Gator Game How To Collect All Weapons Brushes

The Paintbrush weapon is found when players find Leeland on the main island. He will hang out with some of his favorite monsters that he created and the player will destroy them all. He will be upset and the little alligator will have to give up some craft bits. Give 150 of these to Leeland and get the brush in return.

Cardboard spear

Lil Gator Game How To Collect All Weapons Spear

To get the cardboard spear, players just need to chat with a gecko named Luisa. Treat her kindly and she will reward the player with a cardboard spear. It will be located in the northern part of the mountainous part of the island.

The Grabby handgun

Lil Gator Game How To Collect All Weapons Grabby Hand 1

The Grabby Hand is available from Junk 4 Treasure for 299 Craft Bits.

The lightsaber

lil gator game how-to-collect-all-weapons-lightsaber

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During the main questline in this sane indie game, players must help all three of their friends to bring Avery’s friends back together. These include the vampire, the cowboy and the astronaut named Andromeda. The space nut gives players a dart gun to help shoot down the aliens and the attacking mothership. If players help, Andromeda will give them a lightsaber.

The Bug Net

Lil Gator Game How To Collect All Weapons Bug Net

The Beetle Net is earned simply by speaking to the Beetle Kid, one of the many unique characters in Lil Gator game. After you reach the Tree Fortress for the first time, Jill will be there. She’ll feel pressured by all her new friends at the nerdy school she wants to go to and feel like she needs to study instead of play. Players are given quests to get each of their three new friends to play by helping them with their homework. Talk to the Beetle Kid and take the web.

The nunchaku

Lil Gator Game How To Collect All Weapons Ninja

To get the nunchaku, players must find the ninja camp; You will wear all Naruto-like headbands. This camp is located near the trailhead of the big island. First, the main ninja will ask the player to step on the plate in front of them and complete the challenge. To do this, players must catch each of the five enemies that spawn nearby.

Then talk to the ninja again. He gives you this weapon and asks the players to help him a bit more in this relaxing video game.

The oversized pencil

Lil Gator Game How To Collect All Weapons 1-2

Behind the old man’s house near the beach is an NPC named Sam. Sam wants to be Gator Hero’s friend, but first a quest. He will throw the pencil; then players must pick it up. Then he will throw the pencil on the hill, and again the little alligator has to get it back.

Sam will throw the pencil a third time, this time onto the beach, and players must get it one last time to earn this weapon.

The Key Weapon

Lil Gator Game How To Collect All Weapons Wrench 1

This weapon is available from Junk 4 Trash for 299 Craft Bits.

Lil Gator Game How To Collect All Weapons Paleolithic

The Paleolithic Tool is located in the Tree Fortress, which is where players meet up with Jill after Tutorial Island. Chat with the antelope named Susanne; she will want players to find her an ore; This ore is south of the tree giant on the waterline.

The fairy wand

Lil Gator Game How To Collect All Weapons Fairy Wand

Near the tree fortress, in this cozy little indie game, players will find a young kitten who is throwing a pretty princess tea party with his mother. The girl is sad because she thinks the pot monsters are ugly and asks the alligator hero to smack her. After that, talk to her mother; She’s the adult nearby on the phone, then talk to the daughter again at the tea table. This will give players the Fairy Wand.

Lil Gator game is available now for PC and Switch.

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