How To Colonise In Victoria 3

Learn how to colonize Victoria 3 may not make you the nicest of nations, but it opens up even more opportunities for population and resource exploitation, allowing you to increase your goods production and consequently your GDP. Colonialism is a terrible blot on human history, however Victoria 3 attempts to present an accurate representation of the world during the industrial revolution, warts and all. This means you have the freedom to colonize decentralized nations across the planet, and while this will negatively impact the people of the nation you colonize, it can greatly benefit your empire. So if you want to learn how to colonize yourself Victoria 3Continue reading.

How to colonize in Victoria 3

Before you can just go and set up a colony in another nation, you must meet some specific criteria that will give you the ability to start colonizing, such as: B. Researching the right technology and enacting the right laws. Below we list the general steps you need to take before we go into each point below:

  • Research colonization technology.
  • Passing the Colonial Resettlement or Colonial Exploitation Laws to enable the Institution of Colonial Affairs.
  • Express interest in a strategic region to colonize.
  • Use the Establish Colony action to colonize land.
  • Wait for your colony to become established and grow.
How to colonize in Victoria 3

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The first step you have to take if you want to colonize Victoria 3, researches the colonization technology in the society’s technology tree. This unlocks the two laws related specifically to colonization and allows you to put at least two points in the Colonial Affairs Institution. To put more points into this institution, you need the Quinine, Civilizing Mission, and Malaria Prevention technologies, each of which allow for an extra point.

How to colonize in Victoria 3 laws

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The next step is to enact one of the two laws that will allow colonization, which will also allow the Colonial Affairs Institution. Colonial Resettlement allows you to establish colonies to provide land to your population, while Colonial Exploitation allows you to establish colonies to exploit the land’s natural resources and employ cheap native labor.

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If you are not sure how to pass legislation Victoria 3, the linked guide gives a comprehensive breakdown, but in short you need to make sure every interest group in government supports one of the colonial laws. Once you’ve passed any of the laws, check the Political Institutions screen to see if Colonial Affairs has been activated.

How to colonize in Victoria 3

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For the next step, select the “Diplomatic Lens” button in the menu bar at the bottom of the screen and under the “Regional Actions” tab, select the “Declare Interests” option. It’s a great way to show your interest in a strategic region that you don’t own and signal to the world that you intend to make some kind of commitment there. If there is a plot marked in green, you can register your interest there.

How to colonize a colony in Victoria 3

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After you have expressed your interest, you can select the “Create a Colony” button located next to the “Express Interests” action. This will highlight any decentralized nations on the planet that have the potential to be colonized. In the region you’ve expressed interest in, the nations are highlighted in green so you can click on them and start founding a colony.

How to colonize 3 colony timers in Victoria

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You’ll know you’ve got it right as a timer will appear over the nation telling you how long it will take to colonize. This is based on your total Colonial Growth, which is a measure of how quickly you can colonize land. This can be increased by putting more points into the Colonial Affairs Institution and increasing your overall population, as every million people in your population increases Colonial Growth by 0.10.

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That’s all for our walkthrough of how to colonize Victoria 3and now you should be able to found colonies and increase your GDP.

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